What brand bass does Les Claypool use?

What brand bass does Les Claypool use?

Carl Thompson basses
Long known for his Carl Thompson basses, in recent years Les Claypool has manned Pachyderm basses for fretted 4-string duties.

Who made Les Claypool bass?

Les Claypool playing one of his seven Carl Thompson basses. The world’s first six string bass by Carl Thompson; made for Anthony Jackson.

What upright bass does Les Claypool use?

NS Design NXT Five String Electric Upright Bass A celebrated purveyor of different approaches to the bass guitar, Claypool often uses a Ned Steinberger Upright Electric Bass when performing several tracks from 1993’s Pork Soda live, including ‘Mr. Krinkle’ and the haunting ‘The Air Is Getting Slippery’.

How much is Les Claypool’s bass?

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What type of bass does Primus use?

Les used a fiddle bass made by an Italian company called Eko along with a Steinberger upright fretless bass for his first solo album High Ball With The Devil in 1996. He also stated he used the Rainbow during the recording sessions – this configuration extended into Primus’ the Brown album in 1997.

What resonator bass does Les Claypool use?

Rickenbacker 4003 Les Claypool has been seen in live performances with this bass.

What bass does Primus use?

What kind of bass does Primus use?

CT 6 String “Rainbow Bass” One of the most iconic of Les Claypool basses is his 6 string fretless bass, which was custom made for him by, once again, Carl Thompson. This one was drastically different from his Walnut 4 string.

Does Les Claypool use a piccolo bass?

The first is a 4 string fretted 32″ scale piccolo bass made of walnut and mahogany, and fitted with a single EMG-35DC pickup and BTS Control preamp.