What caused Jackson Mthembu death?

What caused Jackson Mthembu death?

Coronavirus diseaseJackson Mthembu / Cause of deathCoronavirus disease 2019 is a contagious disease caused by a virus, the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. The first known case was identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. The disease spread worldwide, leading to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wikipedia

Is Jackson Mthembu still alive?

January 21, 2021Jackson Mthembu / Date of death

How old is Jackson Mthembu?

62 years (1958–2021)Jackson Mthembu / Age at death

Where is Jackson Mthembu from?

Emalahleni Local Municipality, South AfricaJackson Mthembu / Place of birthWitbank, officially Emalahleni, is a city situated on the Highveld of Mpumalanga, South Africa, within the Emalahleni Local Municipality. The name Witbank is Afrikaans for “white ridge”, and is named after a white sandstone outcrop where wagon transport drivers rested. Wikipedia

Who is Jackson Mthembu wife?

Thembi MthembuJackson Mthembu / Wife

How old is Isthuthuka Mthembu?

Her age is 24 years old. She is a famous actress, model, social media star, Internet sensation, Influencer, and media face from South Africa.

How old is SBU from Uzalo?


Simphiwe Majozi
Stage Name: Sbu
Born: 7 November 1980 (age 41 years old)
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actor • Singer

How old is Nonka from Uzalo?

Talking about who is Thuthuka Mthembu, she is a 23-year-old South African actress. She happens to be one of the most talented young artists in the industry with having a decent fan base. Even though the actress appeared in various soap operas, Uzalo gave her the maximum exposure.

How old is zuluboy?

46 years (May 19, 1976)Zuluboy / Age

How much does SBU from Uzalo earn?

5. Simphiwe Majozi (Sbu): R30k – R40k.

How old is Wiseman Mncube?

About 32 years (1990)Wiseman Mncube / Age