What company makes antifreeze?

What company makes antifreeze?

Chemsol, Inc. Manufacturer and supplier of lubricants including antifreeze. Types include heavy duty ethylene glycol and propylene glycol antifreeze.

What is the best brand of antifreeze?

  1. Editor’s Pick: EVANS Cooling Systems High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant.
  2. Best Budget Option: ProLine Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant Full Strength.
  3. Best Diesel Option: Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant.
  4. Recochem OEM Pink Premium Antifreeze Concentrate.
  5. Zerex Original Green Antifreeze/Coolant, Concentrated.

Who makes prime antifreeze?

Part AF3000

Brand Prestone
Line Code PRS
UPC 797496871763
Terminology Engine Coolant / Antifreeze
Size 1 gal

What color is Durex antifreeze?

Test Results and Assessment:

Physical Properties and Chemical Analysis Durex
Bitterant, (ASTM D7704) in ppm 42
pH, (ASTM D1287) 10.40
Color, (Visual) Green
Ion Chromatography (ASTM D5827)

Who owns Prestone antifreeze?

Rank Group
Mr. Hart’s Rank Group acquired Prestone Group in 2011 as part of the larger acquisition of the automotive consumer products business of Honeywell International Inc., which was subsequently combined with UCI International, Inc. to form the UCI-FRAM Group.

Where is Prestone antifreeze made?

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Prestone is a leading manufacturer of high quality antifreeze/coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid and other vehicle maintenance products.

Is Prestone Hoat antifreeze?

Prestone Prime will guard against temperature extremes and the effects of rust, corrosion and premature water pump failure. Formulated to work with All Vehicles. Universally works with all fluid colors; all OAT, POAT, HOAT & IAT.

What type of antifreeze is Prestone?

Prestone is an OAT coolant/antifreeze but also contains anti-corrosion ingredients to protect your cooling system. It can be used in all cars effectively, offering the same levels of protection, and without any damage.

How good is Prestone coolant?

It provides unbeatable protection – Prestone is stress-tested in extremes, from lows of -37°C to highs of +129°C, so you can be confident your car is always protected. Guaranteed corrosion protection – Corrosion protection is one of the biggest plus points of using a product like Prestone.

Who makes Zerex antifreeze?

Zerex Antifreeze by Valvoline is the answer to universal coolants. Unlike those products, Zerex is a customized solution for the vehicle that you drive. Our coolants are segmented into three main categories based on origin—Asian, European, or Domestic—and then specified even further by the manufacturer as well.

Who manufactures Prestone?

NAL will market Prestone antifreeze/coolant and chemicals Scottsdale, Arizona, August 7, 2017– North American Lubricants (NAL) today announced a strategic partnership with Prestone Products Corporation to market their automotive and heavy-duty antifreeze/coolants and chemicals.

Who sells DEX COOL antifreeze?

To purchase this item or receive more information about it, please contact your local Advance or Carquest store. Prestone DEX-COOL antifreeze+coolant – Concentrate is specially designed to work with All GM® vehicles 1995 & newer (GM approved), most Ford® vehicles 2011 – 2018 and most Chrysler® vehicles 2013 & newer.

Who makes the best antifreeze?

“Having a broad spectrum of options available enables GRC to deliver the best immersion cooling solution Intel and GRC will research and develop new, even better coolant fluid formulations, testing them to make sure that they meet stringent standards

What is the best antifreeze coolant?

– Made for Audi, Volkswagen, Seat & Skoda (Can be used in more) – Ethylene-Based Coolant – OEM G13 Audi Coolant – Freezing & Boiling Protection – Lubricates Seals & Gaskets – Lubricates moving parts – Can be mixed with G12 plus, G12 and G11 Coolant – Can be mixed with the most coolants (Ethylene-Based) – Aluminum Compatible

– Formulated to replace the OEM fluid in Asian make vehicles such as Toyota , Lexus , Scion and others requiring a red, silicate free HOAT antifreeze/coolant – 5 year/150, 000 mile . Silicate-free, long-life, phosphate Hybrid Organic Acid Technology chemistry – The long life formula provides protection for all cooling system metals from rust and corrosion.