What do the French think of Les Miserables?

What do the French think of Les Miserables?

Parisians have a solid record of sniffing disdainfully at that very Anglo-Saxon phenomenon known as the musical, but the arrival of “Les Miserables” here this month seems to have caught them off guard. They are flocking to see it without even a trace of embarrassment.

Was Les Mis originally in French?

Les Misérables was originally written and performed in French. It premiered in Paris in 1980 but only for three months. Three years later, Cameron Mackintosh heard a recording of the concept album and decided to make an English-language musical.

Are there two versions of Les Miserables?

VICTOR HUGO’S novel “Les Miserables” is best known these days as a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical. But the tale of redemption and love set during early 19th century France has been adapted numerous times for celluloid.

How many languages has Les Miserables been translated?

21 different languages
Les Miserables has been translated into 21 different languages: English, Japanese, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, German, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, French, Czech, Castillian, Mauritian Creole, Flemish, Finnish, Argentinian, Portuguese, Estonian and Mexican Spanish.

Are the French happy?

French people report being relatively less happy than one might expect, given their high standard of living. Brulé shows that this is largely due to their lack of freedom. French people report that they feel considerably less free than people in other developed nations.

Is Les Miserables better in French or English?

The rhythm and subtlety of the writing is very descriptive of what is actually taking place within a very particular Coach ride in French, unfortunately the finesse is lost in the English translation. So Martha, read it in French, you’ll love it. Reading it in the original language would be the best choice.

Is Les Misérables true?

Les Misérables was inspired in part by the true story of Eugène-François Vidocq, who turned a criminal career into an anti-crime industry. He created the Bureau des Renseignements, said to be the world’s first detective agency, in 1833, though he himself continued to be pursued by police.

Is Les Misérables better in French or English?

Which is the best Les Misérables movie?

Between 2012 and 1978, I’d give the leg up to the latter. The musical captures the scope and scale of the book better, but the non-musical focuses in more on Valjean and Javert and is all the better for it. Both characters shine here.

Are French parents strict?

If you’ve ever traveled in France, you might have noticed that les enfants français appear a bit more well-behaved than American kids. French parents and teachers tend to be more strict with kids, whereas many Americans have a hard time saying “No” to their little adorable faces.