What do you pray to Lord Shiva?

What do you pray to Lord Shiva?

How do I pray to Lord Shiva? There are multiple ways to do so. One of best ways to do so is to get a kalash (vessel) of milk, bel patra (betel leaves), lotus, and jasmine (optional), and light a diya (lamp) with ghee (butter), and chant mantras such as “Om Namah Shivaya” or “Mahamritunjay”.

Which mantra is prayed for Shiva?

It is a form of the most powerful mantra in Hinduism, the Gayatri Mantra. Shiva Gayatri Mantra is extremely powerful, it gives you peace of mind and that pleases Lord Shiva.

How do you pray to Lord Shiva everyday?

Shiva Puja Vidhi

  1. Light an oil lamp and place it on the altar in your home.
  2. Do Dhyana (meditation).
  3. Chant ‘OM Namah Shivaya’ as many times as you can.
  4. Invoke Lord Shiva.
  5. Begin the puja by performing the abhishekam of the Shiva Lingam or the idol of Lord Shiva.
  6. Gently dab the idol with a fresh piece of cloth.

How can I reach Lord Shiva?

Ways to connect with Lord Shiva

  1. Free your mind of all clutter and be pure as fire –Remember your mind doesn’t control you and your actions.
  2. Chant Om Namah Shiva- Start with daily practice of 108 times mantra and increase in multiples like 216,432 and keep going, you can achieve surprising benefits.

Which is powerful Shiva mantra?

Significance of the Mantra: As per Hindu mythology, the Shiva Gayatri Mantra is believed to be very powerful. This sacred mantra can be chanted daily in the morning time. This mantra pleases Lord Shiva and is believed to have the power to fulfil all your wishes and give you peace of mind.

Why do I cry when I pray to Shiva?

For Lord Shiva there is a strong word that people who worship him and when they think about him they cry and with this they are connected emotionally with Lord Shiva. People say it’s a way of connection with God and probably that’s why you cry whenever you think of Lord Shiva.

What is Shiva’s favorite flower?

Dhatura. According to the Hindu religious text Vamana Purana, when Lord Shiva drank the poison which was churned out of the ocean by the Gods and demons, Dhatura appeared from the chest of Lord Shiva. Since then, Dhatura became Lord Shiva’s favorite flower.