What does Hot Wheels teach?

What does Hot Wheels teach?

What is this? Education– Did you know that Hot Wheels has a whole free curriculum that is matched to national standards for math and science called Speedometry? It helps kids use cars, tracks, and everyday items to learn concepts like mass, slopes, and kinetic energy. Talk about motivating a kid to learn.

What age is Hot Wheels recommended for?

Mattel makes Hot Wheels toys for all age groups. Naturally, 3-year-olds will like different toys than kids age 6, 9 or 12, so check the recommended age range on the package. Hot Wheels also produces collector sets for serious enthusiasts of all ages.

Who is the target market for Hot Wheels?

Currently, the toys are aimed at boys ages 3 to 8; men in their 30s or older often rediscover the toys when they have children or develop an interest in collectibles.

Is it worth collecting Hot Wheels?

While they’re only toys, the little cars can be worth thousands. If you’re even a bit of a car enthusiast there’s a good chance you have in your possession some Hot Wheels or other toy vehicles.

Are Hot Wheels educational?

In order to teach elementary-age students STEM, USC Rossier School of Education and Mattel Children’s Foundation has launched “Speedometry™,” a free program using hot wheels using hands-on discover and learning.

Do adults play with Hot Wheels?

Over the years, Hot Wheel cars have not only been collected by children, but it has become a collector’s item for many adults too. There have been estimates that over 41 million children have collected Hot Wheels toys throughout their childhood years, and an average collector has over 1,550 cars to his collection.

Are Matchbox cars toxic?

Matchbox cars sold at Target in Onondaga County were found to have high level of toxic chemicals, according to a new report.

Are they still making Hot Wheels id?

All cars sport full deco, Spectraflame paint, and exclusive id wheels. Several castings of scale models were retooled for track use. The series was canceled in 2022 due to low sales and overproduction.

Is Hot Wheels still in business?

Now in its 50th year, the Hot Wheels die-cast car is the number one selling toy in the world* with 16.5 Hot Wheels sold every second. *Hot Wheels Basic Cars Assortment is the #1 selling toy in the world, based on units sold, according to NPD.

Why do adults collect Hot Wheels?

It’s to make you happy. If you have always loved cars, then just imagine how a collection of hot wheels could make you feel. The more your collection grows, the happier you will be with it.

Is Hot Wheels going out of business?

On January 31, 2022, Hot Wheels Infinite Loop will be completely shut down. The information comes from Creative mobile games, the software engineer. Hot Wheels Infinite Loop was released in May 2019. The racing game has been popular due to its impressive graphics and addictive arcade gameplay.

What are benefits of Hot Wheels?

It helps kids use cars, tracks, and everyday items to learn concepts like mass, slopes, and kinetic energy.