What does IPC mean in high school?

What does IPC mean in high school?

Integrated Physics and Chemistry
A class in Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC) allows students to get familiar with these two aspects of science at the same time. However, typically these subjects are still addressed in different class periods.

What is an IPC science class?

IPC (Physical Science) is the study of matter and energy. Our two main branches of study during the course are chemistry and physics. Chemistry involves the study of what substances are made of and how they change and combine. Physics is the study of forms of energy and motion.

Is IPC the same as IB?

Two common primary school curricula include the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). These provide an enquiry-based, thematic, cross-curricular and creative approach to learning that is relevant for both national and international schools.

What is common ground curriculum?

The Common Ground Curriculum is a coherent, globally-relevant framework that defines, designs, delivers and demonstrates learning in powerful, innovative and accessible ways. 2. A Connected School. The Total School Toolkit is a systemic set of tools that enables a school to align all of its work around learning.

What is integrated Physics and Chemistry?

Integrated Physics and Chemistry explores the nature of force, motion, energy, and matter. Course topics include kinematics, force, momentum, waves, atoms, the periodic table, molecular bonding, chemical reactivity, electricity, and nuclear energy.

What is integrated physics and chemistry?

What is high school physics?

Students explore complex scientific concepts and make real-world connections to understand its impact on daily life. Our physics curriculum focuses on making sure students get a clear understanding of motion, energy, electricity, magnetism, and the laws that govern the physical universe.

What does CGC stand for in high school?

The Common Ground Collaborative (CGC) is a non-profit, global community of sense-makers, innovators, educators and partners who share a common goal.

What is the common ground collaborative?

The Common Ground Collaborative (CGC) is “a global network of innovators, educators and partners who share common principles. Collectively, we are tackling the stubborn problems of disconnected curriculum, disconnected schools and disconnected conversations.