What does magnum mean in shotguns?

What does magnum mean in shotguns?

A magnum cartridge is a firearm cartridge with a larger case size than, or derived from, a similar cartridge of the same projectile (bullet) caliber and case shoulder shape. The term derives from the .357 Magnum, the original cartridge with this designation.

What does magnum mean?

adjective. (of a cartridge) equipped with a larger charge than other cartridges of the same size. (of a firearm) using such a cartridge. Informal. unusually great in power or size: a magnum spotlight; a magnum dosage.

What is considered magnum?

TLDR: Magnum ammunition comes with extra propellant (gunpowder) and/or a more generous projectile. Unlike other firearm terminology, “magnum ammunition” is both specific and vague. This can cause some confusion when you need to give a character a firearm with some extra oomph.

What is the difference between magnum and regular bullets?

Today, magnum ammunition means “a cartridge equipped with a larger charge than other cartridges of the same size.”

What is a Remington 870 magnum?

The 870 Police Magnum provides citizens with a rugged, value-priced workhorse, that comes equipped for real world combat. This tactical shotgun comes with an extended magazine, adjustable sights, and an 18-1/2″ barrel with an IC choke. Sling swivel studs allow quick attach/detach of a sling.

What is a 12 gauge magnum?

Magnum in shotguns generally refers to a shell with a heavier load of slower moving shot, most commonly in the 3” 12 gauge or 20 gauge, or the 3.5” 12 gauge super magnum. The 3” 12 magnum runs at same max pressure as the standard 2 3/4”, so blowing up your 870 should be a non-issue.

Why is it called a magnum?

magnum (n.) From 1788 in English as “large wine-bottle,” usually containing two quarts. As the name of a powerful type of handgun, registered 1935 by Smith & Wesson Inc., of Springfield, Massachusetts. Magnum opus “masterpiece, a person’s greatest work,” is literally “great work” (see opus).

What is a magnum in England?

magnum in British English (ˈmæɡnəm ) nounWord forms: plural -nums. a wine bottle holding the equivalent of two normal bottles (approximately 52 fluid ounces) Collins English Dictionary.

Why is a magnum so powerful?

Despite the power of the cartridge, the 500 S&W Magnum is surprisingly controllable. Due largely to the sheer mass of the revolver (combined with the muzzle-heavy balance and an excellent muzzle brake), the violent wrist-wrenching muzzle whip associated with single-action revolvers firing such powerful loads as the .

Is there a 9mm magnum?

The 9mm Winchester Magnum, which is also known as the 9×29mm, is a centerfire handgun cartridge developed by Winchester in the late 1970s. The cartridge was developed to duplicate the performance of the . 357 S&W Magnum in an auto-pistol cartridge.