What does oi polloi mean?

What does oi polloi mean?

1 : the general populace : masses. 2 : people of distinction or wealth or elevated social status : elite.

How do you use hoi polloi in a sentence?

The emperor hosted gladiator games to appease the hoi polloi . The president’s advisors commented that economic issues were the most important if he wanted to win the support of the hoi polloi . The emperorhostedgladiator games to appease the hoi polloi .

Who said hoi polloi?

‘Hoi polloi’ is an Ancient Greek phrase meaning ‘the many’ or ‘the masses’. It is used disparagingly by modern English speakers to refer to the masses: the common horde, the plebs, the working classes etc. The first recorded use in English is by John Dryden, writing in 1668.

What does hoi polloi Barbaroi mean?

[64] References/Translate: Hoi polloi. Barbaroi. (p.147) Hoi polloi is an expression from Greek that means the many or, in the strictest sense, the majority.

What is the high polloi?

The hoi polloi is a way of referring to common people, and it is an elitist term usually used by people who consider themselves to be above the masses.

What does Hoi mean in Polish?

1. hall (w mieszkaniu): hall.

What is the antonym of hoi polloi?

Near Antonyms for hoi polloi. gentility, gentlefolk.

How do you spell oi polloi?

Hoi polloi (/ˌhɔɪ pəˈlɔɪ/; from Ancient Greek οἱ πολλοί (hoi polloí) ‘the many’) is an expression from Greek that means “the many” or, in the strictest sense, “the people”. In English, it has been given a negative connotation to signify the masses.

Is hoi polloi offensive?

Hoi polloi is an English word that derives from a Greek phrase meaning “the many” or “the majority [of citizens].” Its English meaning is “the masses” or “the general public.” It’s often used in the pejorative sense of “the vulgar, unthinking masses.”

What’s the opposite of the hoi polloi?