What does the Di2 wireless module do?

What does the Di2 wireless module do?

The Shimano Di2 EW-WU111 Inline Wireless Unit boosts the system’s ease of use by adding Bluetooth connectivity in addition to carrying over ANT+ to pair with an even wider range of devices.

Are all Di2 components compatible?

No parts are inter-operable between 7970 and any other Di2 System. In general, every electronic Di2 component is compatible between the Ultegra 6770, 6870, and Dura-Ace 9070 systems (see exceptions below.)

How much does it cost to add Di2?

An Ultegra Di2 front derailleur will set you back about $560, while Dura-Ace Di2 is about $780. Ultegra Di2 shifters are $445; Dura-Ace Di2 are nearly double that at $930.

How do I connect my Shimano Di2 to my phone?

Start the app and connect Once you’ve downloaded the app put your bike in connection mode by pressing the button on your junction box until the red and green LEDs start flashing alternately. Make sure your phone/tablet’s Bluetooth is switched on and tap the bike you’d like to connect to.

Does my Di2 have Bluetooth?

The modern Di2 batteries allow you to enter Bluetooth LE connection mode. Note that this Bluetooth connection only works if you have a Wireless Unit on your bike.

Are all Di2 batteries the same?

Versions. There are two different versions of the BT-DN110 Internal battery available, the BT-DN110 and BT-DN110-A. The latter is grey, not black, newer and slightly better built. The functionality of both batteries is the same.

Can I upgrade Shimano 11 speed to 12 speed?

Unfortunately no, there is not. As I’ve mentioned above, 11-speed Di2 components need a firmware update to make them work with 12-speed Di2.

Is Shimano Di2 worth?

If you have the money and you ride a lot, yes. It is so worth it. I’m big fan of Di2, but it’s a luxury. You probably won’t enjoy the ride anymore than mechanical, unless you enjoy useful gadgets and tech for their own sake.

What do I need to upgrade to Di2?

What parts do you need?

  1. Front Derailleur (optional)
  2. Rear Derailleur.
  3. Shifters / brake levers (6 max)
  4. Battery.
  5. Junction box A.
  6. Junction box B (optional, but recommended)
  7. About 4-6 Electric wires.
  8. Wireless Unit (optional)

How many years will a Di2 battery last?

A modern Di2 battery will last between 2000 and 5000 kilometers per charge. This depends a bit on how often you shift and also your shifting style.

How do you reset a Di2 shifter?

To reset crash mode on 10-speed (6770) and 11-speed Di2 (6870, 9070, R8050, R9150, GRX), you get on your bike and press and hold the button on your junction box for 5 seconds until a red light flashes. The rear derailleur will now go through all the gears, so make sure sure you spin the cranks until it’s done.