What episode does Ryoma return?

What episode does Ryoma return?

Return of the Prince is the 1st episode of the Nationals OVA and 1st episode of the Higa arc….Return of the Prince.

The Prince of Tennis
Season OVA, Episode 1
Air date March 24, 2006
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Did Ryoma won against Atobe?

Atobe gets up first and manages to walk over to receive the serve, but Ryoma manages to muster the strength to do the Twist Serve. Atobe is unable to return it, for he has already lost consciousness, and Ryoma manages to win 119-117, putting Seigaku in the semifinals.

Does Echizen win against Tezuka?

Tezuka utterly defeats Echizen, and then he proceeds to encourage him to come up with his own style of tennis and to become the pillar of Seigaku.

What happens to Tezuka and Kaido at the end of the game?

In the end, we see the Freshmen Trio (now Juniors) along with Momoshiro being the new vice captain and Kaido being the new captain. Tezuka plans to go to Germany to become better.

Who does Tezuka play against in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Tezuka plays against Higa Chuu’s Captain, Eishirou Kite. Kite shows that he would do anything to win, even throwing small pebbles at Tezuka. Tezuka shows everyone his true form using Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami – The Pinnacle of Hard Work.

What episode does Fuji play tennis with Tezuka?

Fuji Syusuke” Tezuka and Fuji have a match to determine Seigaku’s number one in the intraschool ranking. This match, which lasts until episode 176, truly awakens Fuji’s full potential as a tennis player. Flashbacks reveal a match between the two when they were first years, their subsequent friendship, and the implications of Tezuka’s injury.

What happened to Tezuka in Naruto?

Tezuka returns to Japan to be the temporary coach and is accepted by the team after he proves himself worthy by playing Sengoku, Shishido and Ōtori using the Tezuka Zone and incredible returns. Atobe and company sang the song “Wonderful Days”.