What goes after PPS?

What goes after PPS?

Sometimes when additional points are made after the first postscript, abbreviations such as P.P.S. (post-post-scriptum) and P.P.P.S. (post-post-post-scriptum) and so on are added, ad infinitum.

What do you put after PS in a letter?

Here’s a tip: People wonder—does the PS come before or after the signature? Since a postscript is an addition that comes after a letter is completed, it should always follow the signature. Including a PS has long been a direct mail marketing strategy.

What does PPS at the end of a letter mean?

post scriptum
It is Latin. P.s. = post scriptum, something written after (a letter). Something added after that is post post scriptum = p.p.s.

What punctuation goes after PS?

Usually, she would say that the en dash is required, but maybe she figured the example would suffice. So, per Lois, an en dash, not a colon and not any other punctuation, always follows a “P.S.”

Is it PPS or PSS in a letter?

PPS stands for post postscript. It is used for a second postscript at the bottom of a letter. The report says that the commonly used abbreviation PSS is an error. Writers should use PPS.

Does PS go after signature?

Place the postscript after your signature. Originally, postscripts were used primarily to add information after the letter was finished and the author had read over it. Following that tradition, the P.S. belongs below or next to your signature in order to convey the afterthought nature of a postscript.

What comes after PS and PPS?

Rather, the correct way to write this abbreviation is “PPS” for “post-postscript” or “after what comes after the writing”. This continues to PPPS, PPPPS, and so on.

Does a colon come after PS?

To indicate the beginning of a postscript to a letter, one often uses the abbreviation PS (or P.S., p.s., etc) followed by a colon or comma.

Is PS PPS or PSS after?

These postscripts were introduced with the label “PS” or “P.S.” When they wanted to add something else after the postscript, it was labelled “PPS” for “post postscript.” But many people trying to follow this pattern today mistakenly write “PSS” instead.

Do you put comma after PS?