What happened to Garnett from Baldwin Hills?

What happened to Garnett from Baldwin Hills?

The former reality TV star and model leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter. Gerren Taylor, model and star of the BET reality series Baldwin Hills, reportedly passed away in her sleep Sunday at age 30.

Who got pregnant on Baldwin Hills?

2: Staci’s Revelation – In season two, everyone’s favorite Baldwin Hiller found out she was pregnant, and she broke the news to her boyfriend, Kevin, making it perfectly clear that she was planning to keep their child.

Where is Justin from Baldwin Hills now?

Studying film, television and theatre at UCLA, Trason now works as a journalist at KRGV in Rio Grande Valley, Texas and has been married since 2016. Once the love interest of Justin, Seiko Huffman seems to still be stealing the hearts of men around.

Is Baldwin Hills show real?

2 However, BET’s Baldwin Hills, a scripted reality drama about teenagers living in and around what is known as the “black Beverly Hills,” effectively straddles the line between projective drama and rhetorical document, offering audiences an opportunity for escape as well as a chance to engage with the challenges and …

Who did Moriah date on Baldwin Hills?

The show was aired for three seasons between 2007 and 2009. Gerren Taylor happened to be the star attraction of the first season, where her relationship with Moriah Johnson was a key focus.

Who is Gerren Taylor parents?

Michele GerrenGerren Taylor / Parents

Who is Ashley gerren parents?

Who is Seiko Huffman?

Seiko Huffman is an actress, known for Baldwin Hills (2007).

Is Baldwin Hills the black Beverly Hills?

This has led neighborhoods in the Baldwin Hills — a collection of affluent wealthy and middle-class areas including Baldwin Hills Estates, Ladera Heights, Baldwin Vista, and especially View Park — to be known as “The Black Beverly Hills.”

Is Baldwin Hills a good neighborhood?

It’s peaceful, quiet, and safe. Highly recommend. It’s close to everything. The neighbors are great too – a very diverse mix of people.

What happened to Gerrin Taylor?

According to Essence, the reality star and model, known by her stage name as Gerren Taylor, died in her sleep on April 11. It was also reported the Los Angeles native was on dialysis at the time of her death and that she also suffered from lupus.

What happened to Gerren Taylor?

Did Hilaria Baldwin have a miscarriage?

RELATED: Hilaria Baldwin Confirms She Has Suffered a Miscarriage: ‘There Was No Heartbeat Today at My Scan’ The latest heartbreak follows a tough year for Hilaria and Alec, 61, who have been trying for a fifth child.

What happened to the cast of Baldwin Hills?

Have you ever wondered what happened to the cast of the BET reality series Baldwin Hills? Well we did some digging, and look what we found: Gerren is a single mom to a 2 year old: Moriah works as an actor in Hollywood, and he’s still as handsome as ever:

How old was Hilaria’s baby when she had a miscarriage?

The loss is especially devastating for Hilaria, 35, as she last suffered a miscarriage just seven months ago. “We are very sad to share that today we learned that our baby passed away at 4 months.

What happened to Moriah and Staci from 90 Day Fiancé?

Moriah works as an actor in Hollywood, and he’s still as handsome as ever: Staci is still with that guy after all these years, and they have a son that they are raising together. She’s also a nursing assistant…: