What happened to Mia McKenna-Bruce?

What happened to Mia McKenna-Bruce?

What is Mia McKenna-Bruce up to now? After leaving EastEnders, Mia has continued acting and gone on to star in Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground, playing Tee Taylor. Recently Mia starred in BBC series Get Even, playing character Bree.

How old is Joe Maw?

25 years (February 19, 1997)Joe Maw / Age

How old is McKenna-Bruce?

24 years (July 3, 1997)Mia McKenna-Bruce / Age

Where was Joe Maw born?

Scarborough, United KingdomJoe Maw / Place of birth

Is Mia McKenna in The Witcher?

A year ago around these days the first season of Netflix’s The Witcher was undergoing reshoots of the Blaviken scenes from the premiere episode.

How old is tee from The Dumping Ground?

Tee Taylor
Full Name Tee Taylor
Gender female
Date of Birth 2000 (Age 15)
Resides in Newcastle

How old is Johnny from the dumping ground?

Johnny Taylor Johnny is medium-height, with brown hair and dark grey eyes, and gets on well with many residents of the Dumping Ground, forming frienemyships with characters such as Elektra, Liam and later Bailey. He is 11 years old when he is introduced in the series.

Why did Elektra Leave the dumping ground?

The Dumping Ground: Series 1 Sometime in-between the first and second series, Elektra moved ti ashdene ridge for a short period of time before she moved out off-screen to live with her sister and brother-in-law Melissa and Harvey Valentine.

How old was Mia McKenna-Bruce in The Dumping Ground?

How old was Joe Maw in the dumping ground?

Who is the girl The Witcher kills in episode 1?

Geralt kills Renfri She demands to know where the sorcerer is hiding so she can have her vengeance. Geralt refuses to get involved and goes to the forest.

Is ashdene Ridge real?

The Dumping Ground follows the lives of children living in Ashdene Ridge, a fictional foster home and is filmed in the North East.

What is Mia Mckenna-Bruce doing now?

Mia Sasha McKenna-Bruce (born 3 July 1997) is an English actress, known for her portraying the role of Tee Taylor in both Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground. In 2020, she was cast in the role of Bree Deringer in the iPlayer series Get Even and is set to star in the upcoming Netflix film Persuasion .

Who is McKenna-Bruce?

McKenna-Bruce was born on 3 July 1997 in London and was raised in Chislehurst, Bromley. McKenna-Bruce took dance classes at Liz Burville Performing Arts Centre in Bexley and was a student at Belcanto London Academy. McKenna-Bruce also attended the Sapphire Dance Academy in Bexleyheath, as well as the Maidstone Grammar School for Girls.

How many brothers and sisters does McKenna-Bruce have?

McKenna-Bruce has two sisters, Anya and Ellis. McKenna-Bruce’s first role was a ballet girl in the West End production of Billy Elliot. Her first TV role was the minor role of Ester in the TV short, Small Dark Places.