What happens to Cathy at the end of Seeds of Yesterday?

What happens to Cathy at the end of Seeds of Yesterday?

One night, Cathy goes up to the attic and sits by the windows and dies (but not before decorating it with paper flowers), ending the Dollanganger tales.

Who does Bart end up with in Seeds of Yesterday?

Bart becomes a televangelist and marries Cindy. However, Cathy chooses to remain at Foxworth Hall as she continues to mourn the loss of her beloved Chris. One day, she goes up to the attic, sits by a window and, as she envisions yellow paper flowers, there is an implication that she had died of a broken heart.

Do Bart and Cindy end up together in Seeds of Yesterday?

Bart had redeemed himself by becoming a televangelist and married Cindy, and together, they spread positive ministry around the world. However, Cathy decides to remain at Foxworth Hall as she mourns the loss of Chris.

Do Chris and Cathy end up together?

Cathy and Chris end up together. After they each have relationships with others and Cathy has two kids by other men, she realizes her heart was always with her brother, and they ride off into the sunset, change their last name, and pretend like they’re not related.

Who is Jory’s dad in if there be thorns?

Jory Marquet is a fictional character from the VC Andrews novel “Petals on the Wind.” He is the son of Cathy and Julian. Cathy named him Jory as “J” was for Julian and the “-ory” part was for Cory.

Does Chris get Cathy pregnant?

Cathy was actually pregnant by Chris. Not only do Cathy and Chris never get over their attraction to each other (more on that later), but also, in Petals on the Wind, Cathy realizes she had miscarried a child and that it’s not the progeny of her fiancé at the time — it would have been Chris’s baby.

Who is Jory’s dad in If There Be Thorns?

What happened to clover in if there be thorns?

He becomes destructive and violent towards his parents and siblings; he kicks Jory in the privates, and even tries to drown Cindy in her baby pool. Jory’s dog, Clover, comes up missing and is later found dead with a piece of barbed wire twisted about his neck.