What is a Belgian dark strong ale?

What is a Belgian dark strong ale?

Belgian Dark Strong Ale. Aroma: Complex, with a rich malty sweetness, significant esters and alcohol, and an optional light to moderate spiciness. The malt is rich and strong, and can have a Munich-type quality often with a caramel, toast and/or bready aroma.

What is dark Belgium beer?

The Belgian Strong Dark Ale is a dark, complex, strong Belgian ale with a delicious blend of malt richness, dark fruit flavors, and spicy elements. Like a larger dubbel, with a fuller body and increased malt richness. Not as bitter or hoppy as a tripel, but of similar strength.

Is Belgian ale light or dark?

The brew ranges in color from amber to light brown some even considered a deep garnet color. The Belgian Dark Ale flavor is at the discretion of the brewer, but can be yeasty, spiced, and dry, or malty and sweet.

Is Belgian beer a dark beer?

Belgian ales range from pale and refreshing to strong black brews. Trappist monks brew some of the best Belgian beers, and fruit and sour beer styles are common as well.

What kind of beer is Chimay Blue?

darker ale
Chimay Blue, 9% ABV darker ale. In the 75 cl bottle, it is known as Grande Réserve. This copper-brown beer has a light creamy head and a slightly bitter taste. Considered to be the “classic” Chimay ale, it exhibits a considerable depth of fruity, peppery character.

How do you make Belgian Strong Dark ale?


  1. 8 pounds Belgian Pilsner malt.
  2. 4 pounds Belgian Pale malt.
  3. 2 pounds Maris Otter malt.
  4. 1 pound flaked oats.
  5. 1 ounce Magnum hops, 13.6% AA (first wort hop)
  6. 1 pound Dark Candi Inc. D Belgian candi syrup (60 minutes)
  7. 1 pound Dark Candi Inc. D2 Belgian candi syrup (60 minutes)
  8. 1 pound turbinado sugar (60 minutes)

Is Blue Moon Belgian ale?

Belgian-Style Wheat Ale.

What does Belgian ale taste like?

The Belgian-style pale ale is gold to copper in color and can have caramel or toasted malt flavor. The style is characterized by low but noticeable hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. These beers were inspired by British pale ales.

How do you make Belgian Strong Dark Ale?