What is a featured article in Joomla?

What is a featured article in Joomla?

Featured Article is a component that generates intro text of selected Joomla! content items (articles) in a desired layout.

Which visual cue in the Status column indicates that an article is featured?

There is more than one way to designate an article as Featured in the Article Manager. If you are in the Article Manager Listing, select an article to be Featured by clicking the star in the Status column.

How do I link to an article in Joomla?

How to Link from One Joomla Article to Another Using Hidden Menu

  1. Highlight the text that you want to be a link to the article.
  2. Click the create “Insert Link” button, which cause a pop-up to appear.
  3. Paste your relative url in the url area.
  4. Click Insert.

Can you run Joomla with php7?

Some older versions of Joomla (before Joomla 3.5) do not support PHP 7. However, newer versions of Joomla has built-in compatibility with PHP 7. So in order to utilize it, first update to Joomla 3.9.

What do visual cues mean?

Visual cues are concrete objects, pictures, symbols, or written words that provide a child with information about how to do a routine, activity, behavior, or skill. Visual cues can help a child learn a new skill or become more independent with a skill. Types of visual cues.

What is the default value of created by in Joomla articles?

For example, to show the ‘Create Date’ for an article in your Articles menu items, then set that option to “Show” here and it will be the default value.

What is the URL for an article?

The URL, or Uniform Resource Locator is the hyperlink or web address of the work you are citing: The URL always comes at the end of the reference list entry. Use if there is no doi. Journal articles may provide a digital object identifier (doi) on the first page of the article or in the article details.