What is a good sentence for incredible?

What is a good sentence for incredible?

I find his explanation pretty incredible. Incredible as it may seem, she’s had no formal training as an artist. It’s incredible to me that such a lazy person could be so successful. a landscape of incredible beauty The new job is an incredible opportunity.

What word rhymes with talent?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
gallant 100 Adjective, Noun
valent 100 Noun, Adjective
hexavalent 100 Noun
salant 100 Noun

What are natural talents examples?

Seven natural talents you may not know your child possesses

  • 1) Adaptability. In an ever-changing and fast-paced world, adaptability is a vital talent for children to have and develop.
  • 2) Perseverance.
  • 3) Honesty.
  • 4) Enthusiasm.
  • 5) Inquisitiveness.
  • 6) Teamwork.
  • 7) Entrepreneurship.

What are inborn talents?

Inborn qualities are natural ones which you are born with. He had an inborn talent for languages. It is clear that the ability to smile is inborn. Synonyms: natural, inherited, inherent, hereditary More Synonyms of inborn. Quick word challenge.

Is incredible a compliment?

If someone says “you’re incredible”, it’s a compliment; but if someone says “you’re unbelievable”…not so much.

How do you describe incredible?

If you describe something or someone as incredible, you like them very much or are impressed by them, because they are extremely or unusually good. The wildflowers will be incredible after this rain. Their father was incredibly good-looking.

What is a personal talent?

Personal talent is exceptional ability to select and achieve difficult goals that fit your interests, abilities, and social contexts. Personal talent is important for those of us interested in high ability for at least four reasons.

What means brutal?

1 : suitable to one who lacks intelligence, sensitivity, or compassion : befitting a brute: such as. a : cruel, cold-blooded a brutal attack. b : harsh, severe brutal weather. c : unpleasantly accurate and incisive the brutal truth.

What does the word incredulous mean?

unwilling to admit or accept

What are common talents?


Character Building Cognitive Abilities Creative Ability
Creativity Data Literacy Decision Making
Design Design Thinking Employability
Influencing Leadership Personal Presence
Personal Resilience Problem Solving Public Speaking

What does Incredible India mean?

Incredible India is the name of an international marketing campaign initiated by the Government of India to promote tourism in India in 2002 to a global audience. The campaign projected India as an attractive tourist destination by showcasing different aspects of Indian culture and history like yoga, spirituality, etc.