What is a key element in Red Scarf Girl?

What is a key element in Red Scarf Girl?

Although Red Scarf Girl is an autobiography, Jiang masterfully uses all the elements of literature to tell her story: Characters, Setting, Conflict, Plot, and Theme.

What type of text is the story Red Scarf Girl?

Red Scarf Girl

First edition
Author Ji-Li Jiang
Language English
Genre Historical Memoir
Publisher Harper Collins

What was the propaganda wall in Red Scarf Girl?

The Propaganda Wall At the end of the alley, Ji-li notices a propaganda wall. It’s the place to hang your latest da-zi-bao or poster of Mao.

Why is the red scarf so important what does the color red symbolize in the book?

Mattie’s Red Scarf and Red Ribbon Red is the color of blood, ruddiness, good health, and vitality, all of which Mattie has in abundance, and all of which Zeena lacks. In the oppressive white landscape of Starkfield, red stands out, just as Mattie stands out in the oppressive landscape of Ethan’s life.

What does the red scarf symbolize All Too Well?

As he does, he wears her red scarf, proving he’s still in love but wants to be apart as it’s best for Her. In addition, the scarf still means a lot to Her, representing a token of their passionate days.

Why does Ji-li want to change her name?

Why does Ji-li want to change her name and what makes her change her mind? Ji-li wants to get rid of the Landlord last name “Jiang”, in order to clear up her social status. She changes her mind when she realizes she will have to split from her family and her parents.

What choice does Ji-li face?

At last, with the detention of her father, Ji-li was faced with the most dreadful decision of her life: denounce him and break with her family, or refuse to testify and sacrifice her future in her beloved Communist Party.

What is the tone of Red Scarf Girl?

Suspenseful. We can practically hear her heart racing. Ji-li has a wonderful way of making us feel the suspense she lives through in the book. We’re never sure what’s about to happen, but we know the stakes are high and things can go seriously south at any moment.

Why do you think an Yi’s grandmother jumped out the window?

Who committed suicide by jumping out a window? Why? An yi’s grandmother. She did it because she couldn’t handle the stress and fear of the cultural revolution anymore.

What is a propaganda wall?

Propaganda Wall. In Jiang-li-Li’s neighborhood, it covers a wall of a building, used to post brain-washing quotes from mao, and pictures of people breaking the rules At first it said ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL. Then it said MASTER NUCLEAR WEAPONS, SCARE THE AMERICAN BARBARIANS.