What is a MultiFaster?

What is a MultiFaster?

MultiFaster are the market reference to connect multiple lines, allowing an effortless connection even with residual pressure in the system. Each product entails a different combination of elements, such as number of lines, coupling size, lever and electrical connectors.

What is quick release coupling?

​Quick release couplings are fitting are used to mate fluid lines with system equipment that requires frequent connecting and disconnecting. They are used in both pneumatic and hydraulic applications to build or discontinue the connection of a fluid pipeline.

What are quick couplings used for?

Quick-connect couplings are connectors or fittings used to mate fluid lines with equipment that requires repeated connections and disconnections. They are used in both hydraulic and pneumatic applications, and are designed for easy hand operation for use with fitting attachments primarily on mobile machinery.

Are all hydraulic quick connect fittings the same?

Q: Are all quick couplers the same? A: No, there are two primary construction styles for hydraulic quick couplings. The check valve style system uses either balls or poppets to block flow from exiting the fitting.

What is a Chicago coupling?

Chicago-style universal hose couplings are used for air and water applications, not steam. These couplings are also called jackhammer or crowfoot couplings. All couplings up to 1″ have a two-lug design and connect with one another. Universal couplings are sealed by pressing together and twisting a quarter turn.

Do quick disconnects reduce pressure?

A quick disconnect designed specifically for low-pressure fluid handling applications can deliver all the desirable features of low spillage, low air inclusion and minimal pressure drop.

How do claw couplings work?

Claw couplings are broadly used for air and water in industry and construction. Both halves of the coupling are exactly the same – no distinction between a coupler and an adapter. They have two lugs (claws) each, which engage in the corresponding notches of the opposite half.

How to choose the right quick coupling?

How to Choose the Right Connector . Assessing the Application the integral shutoff valves available in couplings are a primary driver in the decision to specify a coupling over a simple fitting or luer. Quick disconnect couplings with integrated non-spill shutoff valves save time by eliminating spill cleanup and provide the added security

What is a quick connect coupling?

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