What is an oppositional force?

What is an oppositional force?

An opposing force (alternatively enemy force, abbreviated OPFOR) is a military unit tasked with representing an enemy, usually for training purposes in war game scenarios. The United States maintains the Fort Irwin National Training Center with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment serving in the OPFOR role.

What is the definition for odd?

1 : differing markedly from the usual, ordinary, or accepted : peculiar a very odd way to show gratitude. 2a : not regular, expected, or planned worked at odd jobs.

How can you reduce friction in real life?

Methods of reducing friction

  1. Make surfaces smooth by grinding.
  2. Lubrication.
  3. Streamlined body.
  4. Reduce pressure or weight on the object.
  5. Reduce contact between surfaces by electrostatic magnetic levitation etc.
  6. Use rolling friction instead of sliding friction.
  7. Use fluid friction instead of the dry friction.

What is a antonym for counter argument?

An argument offered in opposition to another argument. Synonyms. statement argument. Antonyms. falsehood overstatement truth.

What are examples of opposing forces?

Good examples of opposing force include drag due to interaction with an air mass and the force due to friction between two objects. Even if the interacting objects don’t move, there can be opposing forces present that are in balance.

What is a direct opposition?

In chess, opposition (or direct opposition) is the position in which two kings face each other on a rank or file , with only one square between them. In this situation, the player not having to move is said to “have the opposition” (Flear 2004:12).

What is an oppositionist?

noun. a person who offers opposition; a member of an opposition.

What is the opposite word of opposition?

“Opposition” usually means people who don’t agree with you. Depending on exactly how it’s used, its antonym might be “agreement”, “consensus”, or “allies”. If you are talking politics, the opposite word for ‘opposition’ is ‘co-operation’ or ‘allies/fellows/fellowship”.

What is a oppositional relationship?

One way to look at the oppositional or contrastive relationship is as the opposite of the additive relationship. In other words, the speaker, having mentioned one thing, wants to go on to talk about something else which contrasts with and is often in opposition to the first thing.

What is another word for opposition?


Is oppositional a word?

Acting against or in opposition: adversarial, adverse, antagonistic, antipathetic, opposed, opposing.

What is bad about friction?

Friction also causes overheating of engines. This accelerates breakdown and decreases efficiency. Increased efficiency demands need increased fuel or energy consumption due to friction. Heat generated due to friction can cause expansion of materials as well.

How is friction useful in our daily life?

Following are the ten examples of friction in daily life: Walking –We can walk only if we apply frictional force. Friction is what holds your shoe to the ground. The friction present on the ice is very little, this is the reason why it is hard to walk on the slippery surface of the ice.

What is the difference between two opposing forces science?

The net force acting on an object is the combination of all of the individual forces acting on it. If two forces act on an object in opposite directions, the net force is the difference between the two forces.

What is a opposing forces in literature?

A CONFLICT is a struggle between two opposing forces. In literature there are 4 main types of conflict that are either external or internal. This conflict plays out between the PROTAGONIST (the central character) and the ANTAGONIST (the opposing force).

Is friction good or bad?

Friction can slow things down and stop stationary things from moving. In a frictionless world, more objects would be sliding about, clothes and shoes would be difficult to keep on and it would be very difficult for people or cars to get moving or change direction.

What is an unbalanced force?

forces: forces applied to an object in opposite directions that are not equal in size. Unbalanced forces result in a change in motion.

What is sacred cow?

English Language Learners Definition of sacred cow disapproving : someone or something that has been accepted or respected for a long time and that people are afraid or unwilling to criticize or question.

What is friction give two examples?

Rubbing both hands together to create heat. A sled sliding across snow or ice. Skis sliding against snow. A person sliding down a slide is an example of sliding friction.