What is another word for discussion?

What is another word for discussion?

What is another word for discussion?

debate conversation
conference deliberation
consultation colloquy
dialogUS exchange
chat confab

How can we overcome group discussion?

#1) Keep Eye Contact while Speaking: Do not look at the evaluators only. Keep eye contact with every team member while speaking. #2) Initiate the GD: Initiating the GD is a big plus. But keep in mind – Initiate the discussion only when you understood the GD topic clearly and have some knowledge on the topic.

What is group discussion and its types?

Group discussions can also be categorized based on the topic allotted for the discussion to the participants. There are three kinds of topics-controversial topics, abstract topics and case study topics.

What are the rules of group discussion?

  • Do’s & Don’ts of a Group Discussion. Shiksha café experts highlight important points on the Do’s & Don’ts of a Group Discussion.
  • 1) Dress Formally.
  • 2) Don’t Rush Into It.
  • 3) Keep Eye Contact While Speaking.
  • 4) Allow Others to Speak.
  • 5) Don’t be Aggressive.
  • 6) Maintain Positive Attitude.
  • 7) Speak Sensibly.

What is the structure of a discussion essay?


Structural component Purpose Stage of essay
General statements To introduce the reader to the subject of the essay. Introduction
Position To give the opinion of the writer (not always possible).
Definition(s) (optional) To explain any important technical words to the reader.

Who holds a group discussion?

The topic of discussion is generally provided by a panelist or a group of panelists. An ideal GD process has been described below: You will sit in a room with 6-12 participants. You will be judged by a moderator/panelist.

What are the good strategies for group discussion?

  • Rich Content with good subject knowledge.
  • Be a Leader.
  • Be relevant.
  • Be a good Listener.
  • Improve your Communication Skills.
  • Body gestures: Very important tool for Group Discussion.
  • No Aggressive Move.
  • Don’t Crisscross on your Ideas.

How many members are there in group discussion?

What is a Group Discussion? An average GD usually features 10 to 15 participants. The GD process begins by the announcement of the topic to the group, which is (usually) followed by a preparation time of 3 to 5 minutes.

What are discussion techniques?

Discussion methods are a variety of forums for open-ended, collaborative exchange of ideas among a teacher and students or among students for the purpose of furthering students thinking, learning, problem solving, understanding, or literary appreciation.

What are the three types of group discussion?

Types of Group Discussion

  • Controversial Topics.
  • Knowledge-Based topics.
  • Abstract Topics.
  • Conceptual topics.

Why do we need group discussion?

The purpose of a discussion is to help each group member explore and discover personal meanings of a text through interaction with other people. Much of our everyday talk is made up of descriptions in which we seek in one way or another to convey ideas to other people.

What makes a group discussion successful 150 words?

Take the initiative, participate in the discussion and share your ideas with others. Never shout in a group discussion and always wait for your turn to speak. Remember it’s a discussion, not a fighting ground. Be polite but firm.

What is a discussion group called?

caucus. Noun. ▲ A conference or course of education for a group of people with a common interest.