What is another word for reduce stress?

What is another word for reduce stress?

Synonyms for Stress relief · stress relaxation · stress relaxing · stress relieving · alleviate stress · alleviate the tension · defuse tension · ease tension · ease …

How do you say to reduce tension?


  1. chill,
  2. chill out.
  3. [slang],
  4. decompress,
  5. loosen up,
  6. mellow (out),
  7. relax,
  8. unwind,

What word can replace tension?

synonyms for tension

  • pressure.
  • strain.
  • stress.
  • balance.
  • constriction.
  • force.
  • rigidity.
  • stiffness.

What is a synonym word for reduce?

Some common synonyms of reduce are abate, decrease, diminish, dwindle, and lessen. While all these words mean “to grow or make less,” reduce implies a bringing down or lowering.

What is the meaning of stress reliever?

1. : something that relieves pain, stress, etc. pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen. Exercise is a good stress reliever.

What is the meaning of stress relief?

Stress relief is a process in which a material is heated to a specific temperature for a specific amount of time to reduce the internal forces acting on the material. The material is then typically cooled at a slow, controlled rate so as to avoid adding any other internal stresses to the material.

What’s the opposite of tension?

What is the opposite of tension?

relax rest
ease slack
slacken unclench
untighten loosen
ease up ease off

What is the opposite of tension force?

Tension could be the opposite of compression. At the atomic level, when atoms or molecules are pulled apart from each other and gain potential energy with a restoring force still existing, the restoring force might create what is also called tension.

What means scale down?

phrasal verb. If you scale down something, you make it smaller in size, amount, or extent than it used to be. One factory has had to scale down its workforce from six hundred to only six.

Is it stress relief or relieve?

Relief is a condition of being comfortable. Ex. He enjoyed his relief from responsibility. Relieve on the other hand refer to a relief from physical pain.

What is the meaning of stress buster?

/ (ˈstrɛsˌbʌstə) / noun. a product, practice, system, etc that is designed to alleviate stress.