What is EN131 standard?

What is EN131 standard?

What is EN131? EN131 is a European committee for standardisation (CEN) harmonised standard for portable steps and ladders, manufactured from metal and certain other materials such as GRP. It covers minimum safety requirements.

What EN131 6?

EN131 Part 6 is a new regulation which enhances the safety of telescopic ladders. On this page, you will find a variety of easily retractable ladders that are simple to use, compact and most importantly safe.

What EN131 2?

EN131-2 has replaced EN131 Trade, and is suitable for trade use and has a maximum static vertical load of 150kg. We provide a massive range of Ladder manufacturers. Some examples include Lyte, Abru, Hailo, Zarges and more! Our Trade standard ladders provide total flexibility to suit your needs.

What is a Class 3 ladder used for?

Ladders of this type are most suitable for commercial light trade work and heavy duty DIY use. Class III Ladders are only suited to occasional light domestic tasks and are definitely not suitable for use within any commercial or trade environment.

What EN131 7?

This European Standard defines terms and specifies the general design characteristics of mobile ladders with platform. It applies to mobile ladders with a working platform, with a maximum area of 1 m2, and a maximum platform height of 5 m, to be used only by one person at the time.

What is the difference between EN131 domestic ladders and EN131 professional ladders?

What is the difference between EN131 Professional and Non-Professional Ladders? Although ladders approved to the revised EN 131 standard carry the same load rating, Professional ladders are subject to tougher durability requirements, because they are expected to be subjected to more onerous use.

Are all new BS EN 131 ladders suitable for the workplace?

The current EN 131 standard has two classes – Professional and Non-Professional. Professional ladders must be used in the workplace and can be used in the home, while Non-Professional ladders are intended and designed for use only by domestic users in their homes, never in the workplace.

How long can you use a step ladder?

30 minutes
As a guide, only use a ladder or stepladder: in one position for a maximum of 30 minutes; for ‘light work’ – they are not suitable for strenuous or heavy work.

What are the classes of ladders?

There are three main classifications of ladder – Class 1, Class EN131 and Class III. Each classification indicates the safe working load that a ladder is designed to support.

What is the current product standard for ladders?

BS EN131
The EN131 standard or the UK version BS EN131, is the current single British & European product standard that covers all types of portable ladders, including leaning ladders, step ladders, extending ladders, and combination ladders (It does not cover warehouse steps, loft ladders (EN14975) or step stools (EN14183) as …