What is Passenger doing now?

What is Passenger doing now?

On April 14 2022, Passenger released his 14th studio album Birds That Flew and Ships That Sailed. The album was released independently, without record label or press team. This record release supports Plastic Bank, a social enterprise that combats plastic pollution in the ocean.

Who originally sang the passenger?

“The Passenger” is a song written by Iggy Pop and Ricky Gardiner, recorded and released by Iggy Pop on the Lust for Life album in 1977.

When did passenger Write let her go?

Mike Rosenberg remembers writing his 2012 international smash hit, Let Her Go, backstage at Lizotte’s, a much loved music venue in Newcastle.

Who sang Passenger let her go?

PassengerLet Her Go / Artist

Who is Iggy Pop’s wife?

Nina Alum. 2008
Suchi Asanom. 1984–1999Wendy Weissbergm. 1968–1968
Iggy Pop/Wife

What height is Iggy Pop?

5′ 7″Iggy Pop / Height

Is Passenger a one hit wonder?

“Let Her Go” by Passenger (2012) Passenger is the stage name for Michael Rosenberg. Although the folk rock song was a chart-topper in many countries, Passenger remains a one-hit wonder, as he has not able to repeat his pop chart success thus far.

What is the meaning of wide eyed?

Definition of wide-eyed. 1. : having or marked by unsophisticated or uncritical acceptance or admiration : naive. wide-eyed innocence.

What does “Eyes Wide Shut” mean?

The expression “eyes wide shut” means that somebody cannot see something that is right in front of them. The expression is a play on “eyes wide open,” which means to be aware of your surroundings.

What is the meaning of wide eyed innocence?

1 : having or marked by unsophisticated or uncritical acceptance or admiration : naive wide-eyed innocence 2 : having the eyes wide open especially with wonder or astonishment Synonyms & Antonyms for wide-eyed