What is RTM IPL auction?

What is RTM IPL auction?

The Right To Match or RTM card gives franchisees an opportunity to buy back a player they were unable to retain ahead of the auctions. After the highest bid for a particular player is determined, the team that previously owned the said player has the right to match the bid and get the player back into their team.

Is there RTM in IPL auction 2021?

Is there a Right to Match (RTM) card available? No. The RTM allowed a team to buy back a player that they had released at the highest bidding price that he received in the auction. However, the IPL 2022 auction will not have the RTM card.

Is RTM available?

Right To Match (RTM) Card will be available to IPL franchises in IPL 2022 auctions. The final rules for the Mega Auction are still being discussed.

Is RTM only for uncapped players?

IPL: Team-wise two players on whom RTM card can be used in IPL 2022 Mega Auction. Ahead of the IPL mega auctions, the franchises can retain only 3 capped Indian players, 2 overseas players, and 2 uncapped players.

Can we use RTM to capped players?

What is right match?

The Right to Match card, introduced for the first time in IPL, is an option for a team to retain a player, by matching the highest bid amount for the player by another team during the auction.

How many RTM cards are there in IPL 2021?

There will be no RTM cards next year. The franchises will be able to apply two different combinations while picking the four players they want to retain: three Indians and one overseas, or two Indians and two overseas, ESPNcricinfo reported.

Is there RTM in mega auction?

The Right To Match card will not be applicable for the IPL 2022 Mega auction giving the two new teams will get an equal opportunity to make a strong squad.

Will there be RTM in IPL 2022?

The 8 teams named a total of 27 players in their retention lists, 19 domestic and 8 overseas players. There is no RTM (Right to Match) rule in IPL 2022 auction, hence, the team cannot pick some of their players back during the event.

How does RTM card work in IPL?

During the last mega auction in 2018, the IPL teams had the opportunity to retain players using Right to Match card. Right to Match cards gave the franchises an option to have an advantage over other franchises picking a former player who belonged to the former before being released for the auction.

How many RTM cards are there in IPL 2020?

Teams that have already retained three players can use two RTM cards, while teams retaining less than three players can use three cards.