What is Sonic Youth most famous song?

What is Sonic Youth most famous song?

Bull in the Heather. This is perhaps the most popular and accessible Sonic Youth song. Released in 1994 on Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star, the groups second-highest selling album, Bull in the Heather has a definite alternative rock sound to it along with intricate guitar parts.

What is Sonic Youth known for?

Sonic Youth, American avant-garde noise band and highly influential forerunner of the alternative rock groups of the 1980s and ’90s.

How did Sonic Youth get their name?

Moore and Gordon formed a band, appearing under names like Male Bonding, Red Milk, and the Arcadians before settling on Sonic Youth in mid-1981. The name came from combining the nickname of MC5’s Fred “Sonic” Smith with reggae artist Big Youth.

Is Sonic Youth still married?

In October 2011, Gordon and her husband of many decades, Thurston Moore – who co-founded and co-fronted Sonic Youth with her and the guitarist Lee Ranaldo – announced their divorce.

When was Sonic Youth most popular?

“100%” Sonic Youth were a full-blown grunge act when they dropped Dirty in 1991. Hot on the heels of a tour with Nirvana, the band hit the studio with producer Butch Vig to record what would become one of their most iconic albums.

Why did Sonic Youth break up?

Sonic Youth split in 2011 after Moore and Kim Gordon divorced. It was subsequently revealed that the frontman cheated on his wife with a woman he then moved to London with. They played their last gig at a festival in São Paolo, Brazil.

Are Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore?

Thurston Moore spoke about the lingering pain from his split with wife and Sonic Youth bandmate Kim Gordon, as well as his current relationship with Eva Prinz in a new interview with The Fly. “I’m involved in a really sweet relationship and it really does make me happy, it truly does,” Moore said.