What is the abbreviation for weather?

What is the abbreviation for weather?

“WX” is simply an abbreviation for the word “weather” and “NWS” is short for “National Weather Service,” the government organization under the Department of Commerce that issues weather forecasts and warnings to the public.

What does MX mean in aviation?

Acronym Definition
MX Maintenance
MX Motocross
MX Mexicana (airline code)
MX Mixer

Is WX an abbreviation weather?

If you don’t already know WX is morse code shorthand for the word weather. So it is commonly used as the abbreviation for the word weather. Brief history lesson here: In 1836, Samuel Morse(pictured left) demonstrated the ability of a telegraph system to transmit information over wires.

What does CWA stand for in weather?

A Center Weather Advisory (CWA) is an unscheduled weather advisory for conditions meeting or approaching national in-flight advisory (WA, WS, or WST) criteria. It is primarily used by aircrews to anticipate and avoid adverse weather conditions in the en route and terminal environments.


Heights in METAR and TAF are always stated as height AGL. On the other hand, heights in graphic area forecasts (GFA) and PIREPs are normally stated as height ASL, since terrain heights are variable over the larger area covered.

What does TC stand for in aviation?

A type certificate (TC) is issued to signify the airworthiness of the approved design or “type” of an aircraft to be manufactured. The TC is issued by a regulatory authority, and once issued, the design cannot be changed unless at least part of the process for certification is repeated to cover the changes.

What does ATO stand for in aviation?

The Air Traffic Organization ( ATO ) is the operational arm of the FAA . It is responsible for providing safe and efficient air navigation services to 29.4 million square miles of airspace.