What is the best way to attach fabric to cardboard?

What is the best way to attach fabric to cardboard?

White PVA glue is the most common glue used to adhere fabric to the cardboard pieces. It’s a liquid (yes, liquid glue, no wonder under or hot glue!) but kind of thick glue that is applied using roller paints and paintbrushes.

How do you make cloth storage boxes?

And it is easy with some glue and scissors.

  1. Cut apart the tape at the bottom of box.
  2. Cut the box apart at opposite corners.
  3. Cut the front/back panels of the box to the desired size, plus a couple inches for a tab.
  4. Trim the sides of box also if needed.
  5. Fold over the tab so the front of the box is the size needed.

How to make beautiful fabric covered boxes from scratch?

2 pieces of fabric,10-by-13 inches

  • 2 cardboard pieces,8-by-11 inches
  • 10 sheets of specialty or colored paper,8-by-11 inches
  • Paper edger scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Hole puncher
  • 24-inch wired ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Embellishments (buttons,stickers,tags,labels,ribbons)
  • How to make a fabric covered box?

    We will need to make a pattern to cover the box. My fabric piece is already cut here,but I’d like to show you how I got the dimensions.

  • Next,turn the box up on its side and trace along the outer edges.
  • Below,you can see that on the right and left sides I added 1/4 inch allowance on all three sides of the flap.
  • How to cover boxes beautifully?

    Shoe boxes

  • Glue
  • Water
  • Glitter,fake jewels,ribbons or other embellishments
  • Tissue paper,gift wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • How to cover a box with fabric?

    Sit the box right in the middle of the fabric, take the wider side of fabric and smooth it up the side of the box and wrap the fabric around the box sides. Then fold the top edge of fabric in to the box. Do the same to the opposite side.