What is the closest town to Fort Rucker Alabama?

What is the closest town to Fort Rucker Alabama?

Dothan, AL
Dothan, AL Just 7 miles away is the Fort Rucker military installation, and its proximity to Dothan gives military personnel a short commute to work.

Is Fort Rucker a good place to live?

Welcome to the home of Army Aviation! Fort Rucker is a great place to live and work that operates much like any hometown. After all, this post is virtually a small city with approximately 5,000 active duty personnel, another 10,000 civilian personnel, and around 3,000 family members living on the installation.

Is Fort Rucker an Air Force base?

Fort Rucker is a U.S. Army post located primarily in Dale County, Alabama, United States. It was named for a Civil War officer, Confederate General Edmund Rucker.

How many troops are at Fort Rucker?


Group Number
Total Civilian 9,711
Military Family Members on Post/ off Post 3,057/5,000
Military Retirees & Family Members (50 mile radius) 10,653/26,633
Army Retirees & Gray Area Reservists and Family Members in Area (MS, AL, & Panhandle of FL) 30,240/45,360

What big city is near Fort Rucker Alabama?

1. What city is closest to Fort Rucker? Dothan, AL is approximately 20 miles southeast of Fort Rucker, but as far as big cities are concerned, Montgomery, AL (population just under 200,000), is about two hours north of the post.

Where should I live near Fort Rucker?

Nearby Cities

  • Daleville, AL.
  • Level Plains, AL.
  • Coppinville, AL.
  • Kelly, AL.
  • Waterford, AL.
  • Enterprise, AL.
  • Clayhatchee, AL.
  • Ozark, AL.

What state is Fort Rucker in?

AlabamaFort Rucker / State

What is Fort Rucker famous for?

Camp Rucker Named Fort Rucker Before the mid 1950s, the Army Air Forces-U.S. Air Force had provided primary training for Army Aviation pilots and mechanics. In 1956, DOD gave the Army control over all of its own training.

What do they do at Fort Rucker?

Fort Rucker, named U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence in 2008, serves as the headquarters for U.S. Army Aviation. While the garrison command manages the daily operations of the Fort Rucker community, the Aviation Branch Headquarters develops, coordinates and deploys Aviation operations, training and doctrine.

What is the biggest military base in Alabama?

Our database shows five active military bases in Alabama. The Navy and Marines Corps have no bases in AL. Maxwell-Gunter AFB is by far the largest base by population, it is also the oldest.

How many helicopters Does Fort Rucker have?

Fort Rucker hosts probably the biggest gathering of helicopters in one location anywhere. Around 600 are based there, spread across five Army airfields.

What county is Enterprise Alabama?

Coffee county
Enterprise, city, Coffee county, southeastern Alabama, U.S., about 90 miles (145 km) southeast of Montgomery. It was founded in 1881 by John Henry Carmichael near the community of Drake Eye.