What is the formula of sodium arsenite?

What is the formula of sodium arsenite?

NaAsO₂Sodium arsenite / Formula

What is sodium arsenite solution?

Sodium arsenite is an inoganic sodium salt with formula with formula NaAsO2. It has a role as an insecticide, an antibacterial agent, a herbicide, a rodenticide, a carcinogenic agent, an antineoplastic agent and an antifungal agent. It is an arsenic molecular entity and an inorganic sodium salt.

How toxic is sodium arsenite?

Toxicity Sodium and potassium arsenite are highly soluble (trivalent) arsenic salts. Substantial ingestions may be fatal (fatal dose not known). Features Systemic toxicity may follow ingestion, inhalation or topical exposure. Topical – May cause skin irritation and sensitization.

How do you make arsenite solution?

Prepare the sodium arsenite solution by dissolving 5 g of sodium arsenite and 5 g of sodium citrate tribasic in 100 mL H2O, add 5 mL of glacial acetic acid, mix, and adjust to 250 mL with H2O. 4. Prepare solution A by mixing 0.3 g of ascorbic acid in 10 mL of ice-cold 0.5 M HCl.

What is arsenate and arsenite?

Arsenic exists in two oxidation states—arsenate, As(III), and arsenite, As(V)—both of which are anions (see also Chapter 8). Although both forms are toxic, arsenite is much more toxic and is also very soluble and mobile in water environments.

What is the difference between arsenate and arsenite?

As nouns the difference between arsenate and arsenite is that arsenate is (chemistry) any salt or ester of arsenic acid while arsenite is (chemistry) any oxyanion of trivalent arsenic, especially the aso33- anion (or protonated derivatives); any salt containing this anion, or any ester of arsenious acid.

How much arsenic is in sodium arsenite?

58% arsenic
Sodium arsenite contains 58% arsenic and is very soluble in water and alcohol. The boiling point of sodium arsenite is 100°C, the density is 1.87 and the molecular weight is 129.91. Sodium arsenite is a highly toxic sub- stance with an acute oral LD 50 (mammalian) of 10—50 mg/kg.

How co2 is removed from water gas shift reaction?

Sodium arsenite is used in the water gas shift reaction to remove carbon dioxide.