What is the ninth law?

What is the ninth law?

The Loop (Games) 02:53. Galerion’s Ninth Law is a law, presumably discovered by Vanus Galerion, which states that “the total life generated cannot exceed the cube of the source.”

What is a seminal moment?

Call something seminal when it’s so original, so groundbreaking and awesome that it will influence everything that comes after it. Picasso produced more than a few seminal works of art, for example. Technically, seminal means something related to semen or seeds.

What is a seminal album?

adjective influential, important, ground-breaking, original, creative, productive, innovative, imaginative, formative Those beautiful tracks appear on this seminal album.

Why a Supreme Court opinion is a seminal document?

A Supreme Court opinion is a seminal document because it has the power to influence further decisions, and create major changes in the laws or policies of a country, like the United States. The amendments of the US Constitution are great examples of the influence of Supreme Court opinions as seminal documents.

Why was the 9th amendment created?

The Ninth Amendment was James Madison’s attempt to ensure that the Bill of Rights was not seen as granting to the people of the United States only the specific rights it addressed.

What are some examples of unenumerated rights?

What are some examples of these unenumerated rights? Some of them were established by Supreme Court rulings in the last 100 years. These include the presumption of innocence in criminal cases, the right to travel within the country and the right to privacy, especially marital privacy.

What does seminal thinker mean?

A seminal mind is a mind that opens new pathways for the minds that follow, one that gains unforeseen insights into some area of inquiry, planting seeds that bear abundant fruit in those who follow. What makes a mind seminal? Escaping from the tradition? The courage of individualistic thinking?

Why is an editorial not considered a seminal document?

An editorial is the opinion of the newspaper, the TV network or any news broadcasting system on any topic of interest. The editorial is part of journalism in the opinion genres that mark the posture of the Editors on an important topic. It is subjective. That is why an editorial is not considered a seminal document.

How do you use seminal in a sentence?

  1. She wrote a seminal article on the subject while she was still a student.
  2. Her theories were seminal for educational reform.
  3. His book on social policy proved to be seminal.
  4. He played a seminal role in the formation of the association.
  5. It was smelly, acidy, like seminal fluid.

Can the Bill of Rights be amended?

An entrenched bill of rights cannot be amended or repealed by a country’s legislature through regular procedure, instead requiring a supermajority or referendum; often it is part of a country’s constitution, and therefore subject to special procedures applicable to constitutional amendments.

What does the term seminal mean?

1 : of, relating to, or consisting of seed or semen seminal discharge. 2 : containing or contributing the seeds of later development : creative, original a seminal book.

What is another word for seminal?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for seminal, like: original, critical, fundamental, groundbreaking, , primary, , ground-breaking, generative, germinal and masterwork.

What are the characteristics of a seminal document?

Seminal U.S. documents are those that have influenced the nation and provided a basis for its further development. A seminal document can take many forms, including inaugural speeches, constitutional amendments, treaties, public laws, and Supreme Court decisions.

What makes the First Amendment a seminal document?

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the freedom of speech, religion and the press. It also protects the right to peaceful protest and to petition the government. The meaning of the First Amendment has been the subject of continuing interpretation and dispute over the years.

What has been a seminal experience?

Seminal is used to describe things such as books, works, events, and experiences that have a great influence in a particular field.