What is the proper way to close a cereal box?

What is the proper way to close a cereal box?

Take both small side flaps and tuck them into the box. Then, take one long flap and tuck that into the box. Next, fold the two shorter sides of the box into a “V” shape and push them in. Finally, take the other long flap and tuck it into the box, making sure the flap is secured among the interior folds.

What is on the side of a cereal box?

There are special flaps on the cereal box that are also called tabs. They are present on the upper side of the box and are used to seal the box.

How do you close a Tiktok cereal box?

The video itself then showed how to close a cereal box ‘properly’. First, you need to fold in the two short tabs on either side of the box and one of the longer flaps, leaving the other long tab free. Then pinch the two sides of the box closed, and, with the remaining tab, tuck the flap into the box.

How do you close a cereal bag without a clip?

If you don’t have a chip clip, you can easily fold a bag of chips to close it. To make a basic fold, first lay the bag down and smooth it out to remove any excess air. Then, fold the top of the bag down an inch or 2, and continue folding until you get to the end.

What is the cereal box game?

The Cereal Box Game Aim To pick the box off the floor without using anything but your teeth and without putting your hands, knees, elbows, forehead down. Number of players The more the merrier. Suitable for All ages, though youngsters have a massive advantage. But it’s good to let them win at something…

Do cereal boxes keep cereal fresh?

An unopened cereal box from the supermarket is airtight and will keep the cereal fresh for several months. However, once you’ve opened the cereal box this is no longer the case. If the cereal will be eaten within a week, you can simply roll down the plastic bag within the cereal box and use a clip to keep it secure.

How do you close a crisp bag?

Simply fold down the top three times, fold the ends toward the centre and then fold over. The folded corners should keep the bag closed until you are ready to open it again (even if it is just an hour later!)