What is the theme of ghost soldiers?

What is the theme of ghost soldiers?

Jorgenson finally understood what it meant to be scared in war, how the fear robbed you of your humanity and sanity. This is the theme of “The Ghost Soldiers” in The Things They Carried. O’Brien asked Azar to stop, feeling that his need to psychologically balance the equation with Jorgenson had been met.

What is more important to O’Brien emotional truth vs factual truth?

But what O’Brien states – and what is really more important than factual truth – is that the emotional truth of what happened is really what counts. Postmodern theory, and one of its forms, ‘creative nonfiction,’ which some have dubbed O’Brien’s story and novel, posits that ‘factual’ truth is very difficult to prove.

Why does O’Brien want revenge on Jorgenson?

Jorgenson also didn’t do an effective job of treating O’Brien’s wound, so it developed partial gangrene. O’Brien carries a grudge about this and decides to get revenge on Jorgenson by scaring him while he’s in his tent. He “wanted to hurt Bobby Jorgenson the way he’d hurt [him].”

What is O Brien’s emotional response to the dead man?

What is Tim O’Brien’s emotional response to the dead man? He’s in shock and can’t look away.

Who is Bobby Jorgenson?

Bobby Jorgenson is the new medic in O’Brien’s squad after Rat is shipped out. O’Brien gets shot, and calls for medic.

How do you feel about O Brien’s actions in the ghost soldiers?

He feels cruel, but he also laughs and feels powerful. As O’Brien and Azar prepare for the last of their tricks, O’Brien remembers getting shot and recalls his out-of-body experience. He wishes he could stop the prank but Azar takes over.

Why is the chapter called ghost soldiers?

“Ghost” was army slang for the Viet Cong, “don’t get spooked” meant don’t get killed. O’Brien and Jorgenson decided to try to play on Jorgenson’s fear of the enemy.

How does the Vietnamese man react to the grenade?

How does the Vietnamese man react to the grenade? He freezes in place and stares at it. He goes to run but stops to cover his head. He attempts to shoot at O’Brien.

What happens in the Death of the Ball Turret Gunner?

“The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner” uses intense metaphors of wombs, dreams, and awakenings to evoke the speaker’s innocence—and his terrible death. In other words, he goes straight from his mother’s womb to the womb of the ball turret.

What Does Sanders mean when he gives the moral of his story?

The day after he tells this story, Mitchell approaches O’Brien and confesses that some parts were invented. O’Brien asks him what the moral of the story is and, listening to the quiet, Sanders says the quiet is the moral. The significance of the story is whether or not you believe it in your stomach.

Why does Tim O’Brien call himself a coward?

Tim choosing to go to the war because he had fear then transformed into a heart condition which brought forth a coward. He was embarrassed to be running away. He was embarrassed, and therefore a coward.

What did Kathleen Ask the narrator?

What did Kathleen ask the narrator? If he killed anyone in the war.

Why does Dobbins tell Azar to dance right?

What does Dobbins means when he says “Dance right!”? Dobbins’s comment to Azar to “Dance right” is that what Azar was doing with his mocking dance was wrong, and that if he wants to dance he should dance right without making fun of the girl.

Why do you think the narrator focuses on the gory details of the soldier’s death?

In writing this memoir, why do you think the narrator focus on the gory details of the soldiers death? a) because the narrator’s feelings, after the war was over, are still affecting him. What do you feel the narrator could do to end his own torment about killing a man?

What does Tim the narrator say the role of stories is?

How does Tim say he changed during war? According to O’Brien, what was the role of stories in Vietnam and after? The role of stories was to keep things alive and the memories alive. At the end of the book Tim says “I realize it is Tim trying to save Timmy’s life with a story.” Explain what you think he means by that.