What makes Farrer & Co unique?

What makes Farrer & Co unique?

Firm profile Farrer & Co is synonymous with the highest quality legal advice and service. We advise individuals, families, businesses, financial services, educational and not-for-profit organisations on every aspect of the law, wherever the need arises. Our clients present us with complex and varied challenges.

Can I do my LPC and training contract at the same time?

Although, in reality, most large law firms require trainees to have completed the LPC before starting their training contract, it is possible to do your training contract while you complete the LPC.

Why work at farrer and co?

Interested and interesting, engaged and engaging, clever and inspiring. Each person makes us who we are and each in turn makes their own contribution to our future. There’s a deep-rooted alchemy between our people and our clients that produces great results. And it makes Farrers a very special place to work.

How do you get training contracts before GDL?

How to get a training contract before GDL? If you are a non-law student, you can start applying for training contracts in your final year of university. Most law firms accept and support non-law students throughout their GDL, LPC and training contract.

Is Farrer and Co a top law firm?

Farrer & Co is pleased to have secured top rankings in the Legal 500 2021, an independent directory that ranks the UK’s top law firms. Many of the firm’s lawyers have been benchmarked against others in the UK and London, continuing to be recognised as experts within their fields.

Which law firm does the queen use?

Farrer & Co
Throughout her reign, the Queen has been advised by Farrer & Co, an elite London firm with a long history of representing members of the royal family and aristocracy. The firm that has remained by the Queen’s side since her coronation is now under a spotlight, thanks to the Pandora papers.

How many LPC graduates get a training contract?

The average number of students who started their Legal Practice Course (LPC) – the prerequisite to qualifying as a solicitor – during that same period was 9,979, meaning almost 60% of LPC students secured a training contract. That’s slightly better odds.

What type of firm is Farrer & Co?

Independent Law Firm
Farrer & Co | London Lawyers | Independent Law Firm.

Will law firms pay for GDL?

Many of the large, commercial law firms cover the cost of the GDL, as well as other living expenses. This financial support may be something you wish to consider when applying for training contracts.

Should I do the GDL without a training contract?

First things first—there’s no tangible advantage (or indeed disadvantage) to having the GDL when you apply for a training contract. Firms frequently pay for and organise GDL places for their future trainees, so it’s not really a factor in deciding whether or not to offer someone a training contract.