What page is Slaughterhouse-Five on?

What page is Slaughterhouse-Five on?

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How many pages does Slaughterhouse-Five have?

Slaughterhouse-Five: A Novel

Slaughterhouse-Five: A Novel
ISBN: 9780440339069, Related ISBNs: 0385289375, 0385289405, 0385312083, 0385333846, 0440180295
Classification: Fiction
Number of pages: 240,
Audience: General/trade

Why does Billy Pilgrim cry at the horses?

The animals’ mouths are bleeding, their hooves are broken, and they are dying of thirst. Billy has been oblivious to their poor condition until now. The couple makes Billy get out and look at the animals, and he begins to cry his first tears of the war.

Is Slaughterhouse-Five an easy read?

The language of Slaughterhouse-Five is straightforward, so it’s easy to understand what’s happening in each of the sections. But with all the time jumping, alien abduction, and heavy-duty philosophy, it can be tough to work out how the sections go together.

Is slaughterhouse 5 a true story?

In WWII, Vonnegut was imprisoned in Dresden, was beaten, and made a prisoner in Schlachthof Fünf or Slaughterhouse Five, a real slaughterhouse in Dresden.

What does the syrup symbolize in Slaughterhouse-Five?

The mention of the vitamin-and mineral-enriched syrup manufactured for pregnant women serves the ongoing theme of irony. The malt syrup is made to strengthen women and to nurture babies that are yet to be born.

What is the origin of the phrase mustard gas and roses?

Early on in Kurt Vonnegut’s classic novel, Slaughterhouse Five, the narrator describes his breath after a night of heavy drinking with the phrase “mustard gas and roses.” Those words are repeated several times throughout the novel.