What saree to wear for South Indian wedding?

What saree to wear for South Indian wedding?

It is fine to wear a hefty Kanjivaram, an elegant Kasavu, royal Chettinad silk, or a stylish Gadwal in a southside wedding. Also, an ancient Dharmavaram or even a sleek Narayanpeth at a south Indian wedding.

How do I choose a saree for my Indian wedding?

Consider wearing sarees in breathable fabrics that easy to carry like georgette and chiffon. This will help to balance out your lower and upper part. Also, how you drape the saree makes a lot of difference in how you look. When wearing georgette or chiffon sarees for wedding function, drape it in a seedha pallu style.

What do you wear to a south Indian wedding?

If you want to stand out at a South Indian wedding, wear a lehenga; if you want to fit in, wear a sari. Take your pick. A silk sari will work across the board, at all types of Southern ceremonies. You can take a call on how ornate the garment is.

How do I choose a saree color?

Choosing Sarees According to Complexion of a Women

  1. You should try saris in dark colors like dark pink, dark purple, maroon, green or completely contrast colors for example white, off white, etc.
  2. In fact you can wear anything because dark color women look beautiful and sexy in any outfit.

Which saree is famous in Tamil Nadu?

Kanchipuram of Tamilnadu state is internationally famous for its silk sarees. These silk sarees are called kanjivaram by many people. Kanjivaram sarees are famous for their hand woven golden zari work which creates beautiful designs.

Which site can produce best wedding saree in India?

– Vasaas – Aza fashion – Kalkifashion – Fab India – Amazon

Which is the best sarees to wear during wedding?

silk saree is the best saree to wear during wedding because silk it self gives the regal effect Wedding is a memorable day captured in cameras by everyone present there so it is must to come up with your actually captivating look. Saree is definitely a good option to go with.

Where do we get the cheapest sarees in India?

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  • Which is the best brand for Indian sarees?

    BharatSthali. BharatSthali sarees are exclusive,beautiful,and exquisite handcrafted.

  • Sabyasachi Sarees. If you are looking for beautiful sarees for this wedding season then Sabyasachi Mukherjee sarees is for you.
  • Manish Malhotra Sarees.
  • Nalli Silk Sarees.
  • FabIndia.