What size beater board should I get?

What size beater board should I get?

If you’re an adult, go with a 54″ Beater Board. If you’re a kid, a grom, or a small adult, go with a 48″ Beater Board. If you’re a newer rider, or are just starting out with Beater Boards, and want to have some control over fins, choose a single-fin model. If you want some extra grip, go with a twin-fin model.

How much weight can a beater board hold?

Beater Board Weight Limit The 54” Beater rocks a maximum volume of 35 Liters. This puts your weight limit at 80 lbs for Beginners all the way up to 220 lbs. for Advanced Surfers. You can see where you check out using the volume chart located here.

Is a beater board a surf board?

Beaters are essentially a bodyboard/surfboard hybrid that can be ridden laying down, kneeling, or standing. They come in an “original” version and a “pro” version, and in 3 fin configurations- finless, single or twin fin (Pro version only available as a twin fin).

Can you skim a beater board?

The Beater board, made by Catch Surf, is a soft-foam, finless board that can be used as a skimboard, a bodyboard or a surprisingly good facsimile of a surfboard.

Can you take the fins off a beater board?

THE ORIGINAL ALL-PURPOSE, FULLY-CUSTOMIZABLE SHRED STICK! Surf it with or without fins, bodyboard or skim it; do whatever the heck you want. The Beater will turn an average beach day into an Epic Tale of Radness!

Can you bodyboard on a beater?

Can you duck dive a beater board?

A duck dive helps you push your shortboard, bit a foam surfboard or a hard surfboard, under the wave so that you don’t have to fight the waves as they pass. Yes, you can duck dive a foam surfboard. It is easier to duck dive smaller foam surfboards.

Is the beater a good surfboard to learn on?

The Beater is such a mutant that it will be a very difficult board to learn the basics on for those new to surfing and a more traditional board will help you get the feel of things faster and more efficiently. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information.

What kind of Surfing is on the Catch Surf beater?

Appearing to be a glorified boggie board from the shore, the most impressive, wildest, and experimental surfing you’ll see on the Beater is done on the finless model. It doesn’t come easy, but this is the ultimate way to surf Catch Surf’s Beater!

What is the warranty for the Catch Surf beater?

There’s a very limited warranty for the Catch Surf Beater. Any “manufacturing or materials deficit” spotted within the first 30 days are eligible to be replaced and repaired under warranty. NOTE: Installing any kind of product that’s 3rd party (kick pad, fins, leashes, etc.) voids the warranty.

What is the best surfboard for beginners?

This board is perfect for any surfer with a flair for experimentation or a desire to experience surfing in as many varieties as possible. The Beater is its own shape. Designed and patented in California, The Beater is best described as a combination of an Egg shape, Funboard, and Thruster all squashed into one unique little mutant.