What time does Tinker AFB Commissary open?

What time does Tinker AFB Commissary open?

0900 – 2000

Regular Hours
WED 0900 – 2000
THU 0900 – 2000
FRI 0900 – 2000
SAT 0900 – 1900

Can civilians get on Tinker Air Force Base?

First-time visitors and contractors, who are sponsored by a base organization and have a state-issued photo ID and auto insurance verification, can be issued a pass in as little as 15 to 20 minutes.

What is there to do on Tinker Air Force Base?

18 Things to Do Near Tinker AFB

  • Gerrity Gym. 5109 McNarney Ave. Tinker AFB, OK 73145.
  • 216 Fitness Annex. Building 216, Arnold Street. Tinker AFB, OK 73145.
  • 3705 Fitness Center. Tinker AFB Annex.
  • Tinker Lanes. 5108 McNarney Ave.
  • Tinker Golf Course. 6441 Arnold St.
  • Outdoor Recreation. 3362 E.
  • Tinker AFB Arts & Craft Center. 3362 E.

Is Tinker AFB a big base?

The base has more than 26,000 military and civilian employees and is the largest single-site employer in the state of Oklahoma. The installation covers approx. 9 square miles (23 km2) and has 760 buildings with a building floor space of over 15,200,000 square feet (1,410,000 m2).

How many people are on Tinker AFB?


Population Type Number
Active Duty 4,450
Family Members 11,400
Retirees 22,500
Civilian Employees 15,775

Where do you live when stationed at Tinker AFB?

Top “Off Base” Neighborhoods

# Name/Title Zip
1 Winfield 73160
2 The Vineyard
3 Belmont Farms 73025

Is Tinker on lockdown?

“REAL WORLD: Tinker Air Force Base is currently on lockdown. Seek shelter and apply appropriate procedures as necessary. We will provide updates as they become available via Facebook,” the post stated. Officials gave the “all-clear” a short time later and lifted the lockdown.

Is Tinker AFB closed due to weather?

Base Weather & Reporting Status Info Tinker AFB functions will open on time, but employees not designated as “weather emergency essential personnel” may take annual leave or leave without pay (LWOP) without prior approval of their supervisors.

Does Tinker AFB have nuclear weapons?

The Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center’s Missile Sustainment Division at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, serves as the Air Force system program manager for air-delivered nuclear cruise missiles. They currently manage the Air Launched Cruise Missile (AGM-86C), and Conventional ALCM Penetrator (AGM-86D).

How many people are on Tinker Air Force Base?

Is Tinker AFB an active duty base?

Tinker AFB employs over 1,600 active-duty sailors1 11,000 families, 22,000 retires, over 12,000 civilians and 100 contractors to provide maintenance, security, operations, administration, training and logistic support. The Vehicle Operations Branch in the 72nd Air Base Wing operates the shuttle bus system.

What city is Tinker AFB near?

Midwest City, Oklahoma
Tinker AFB is located in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Can I change or remove my review of Tinker AFB commissary?

Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can’t pay to alter or remove their reviews. Learn more. Start your review of Tinker AFB Commissary. Since Retiring I Will/Have Always Love Going on Base and shopping at the TinkerAFB Commissary.

Is the base commissary worth it?

I love coming to the base commissary because of the great prices and because its never crowded. The liquor prices are definitely the best prices in the area (in you can get in) and the gas prices are awesome as well. I definitely recommend shopping here if you are in the area.

What have you learned from the US Army commissary?

The commissary is very convenient and practical for those who live on base. Otherwise, I’ve learned that I save just as much at my local Crest, and with much better quality meat and produce selection. The commissary meats are often overpriced compared to their off base competition.

What is the commissary?

The Commissary is a super place to pick up all of your grocery items you could possibly want/need and them some! We always go in with the intention of only buying a few things on our list but the prices, selection, and convenient availability of everything make it hard to resist filling up the cart!