What was Amundsen famous for?

What was Amundsen famous for?

Roald Amundsen is one of history’s most celebrated explorers, famous for navigating the North-West Passage and being the first to reach the South Pole.

Who went with Roald Amundsen to Antarctica?

In the early 20th century, the race was on to reach the South Pole, with a number of explorers testing themselves in the freezing Antarctic. In 1911, Britain’s Robert Falcon Scott and Norway’s Roald Amundsen both launched expeditions to reach the Pole.

What did Roald Amundsen do when he reached the South Pole?

On the following day, 14 December 1911, with the concurrence of his comrades Amundsen travelled in front of the sledges, and at around 3 pm the party reached the vicinity of the South Pole. They planted the Norwegian flag and named the polar plateau “King Haakon VII’s Plateau”.

Why was Amundsen important to fur trade?

Following a failed attempt in 1918 to reach the North Pole by traversing the Northeast Passage on the ship Maud, Amundsen began planning for an aerial expedition instead. On 12 May 1926, Amundsen and 15 other men in the airship Norge became the first explorers verified to have reached the North Pole.

What happened to Amundsen Inuit girls?

Amundsen took the girls to Norway, but after about three years they returned to the Arctic and eventually settled in British Columbia.

What did Amundsen discover?

Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer, was one of the greatest figures in the field of polar exploration. He was the first explorer to transit the Northwest Passage (1903–05), the first to reach the South Pole (1911), and the first to fly over the North Pole in an airship (1926).

Did Amundsen marry?

Amundsen never married, but had several relationships with married women, according to Klover. He has no known descendants. For his part, Klover said he is relieved that the truth has come out.