Where is Cristina Ferrare now?

Where is Cristina Ferrare now?

Cristina lives in Southern California with her husband, entertainment executive Tony Thomopoulos. They have seven children and four grandchildren.

When did Cristina Ferrare leave Home and Family?

June 21, 2016
Home and Family Show On June 21, 2016, Hallmark Channel confirmed that Ferrare would no longer co-host the show with Steines; former co-host of The View Debbie Matenopoulos was named as her replacement.

How is Cristina Ferrare health?

With a strong foundation in our faith, Cristina and I started that journey, and after a very difficult two-year period that involved an aggressive treatment of drugs and a stem-cell transplant, Cristina is now in remission and on a monthly maintenance program.

Who is Cristina Ferrare married to?

Anthony Thomopoulosm. 1985
John DeLoreanm. 1973–1985Nicholas Thomasm. 1969
Cristina Ferrare/Spouse

Why did Cristina Ferrare leave home and family show?

Ferrare, two years earlier, had also been unceremoniously dumped from the show. In her case, it was because of her age and in favor of the younger Matenopoulos. I have been inundated by posts, emails and phone calls asking why I chose to get off of face book and Instagram!

How old is Christina Ferrare?

72 years (February 18, 1950)Cristina Ferrare / Age

What happened to Cristina Ferrare on Home and Family?

The 70-year-old Ferrare posted on Facebook in 2018 after Steines’ firing, “Two years this week I was fired from ‘Home and Family. ‘ I went to work on a Friday got home and told not to come in on Monday. I was asked to sit tight and just say I was on vacation. I was confused and didn’t understand what was going on.”

Why did Cristina Ferrare leave Hallmark?

I was asked to wait and I have but now I feel I should out of respect for YOU let you know. It’s really very simple, Home and Family will have a season 5 which I am so happy for and the Network decided that they want a new co-host and that will be Debbie. She will do a great job!

What happened to Cristina Ferrare on home and family?

Who is Tony Thomopoulos?

Tony Thomopoulos is a producer, known for Striking Distance (1993), The Suck and The Secret Things of God (2008). He has been married to Cristina Ferrare since April 20, 1985. They have two children. He was previously married to Anne Thomopoulos.

Why Did Hallmark fire christina?

The reason the program’s network, Hallmark Channel, gave for the dismissal was simply for “creative reasons.”

What happened to Mark Steines on Home and Family?

Long story short, the ex-Entertainment Tonight frontman says he was sidelined, had his pay cut and was ultimately let go for sticking up for women Home & Family who had alleged harassment by Fraser.

Who is replacing Cristina Ferrare on ‘home and family’?

Longtime Home & Family co-host Cristina Ferrare is exiting the Hallmark Channel ’s morning show. She’s being replaced by Debbie Matenopoulos, former co-host of The View and Home and Family ‘s resident lifestyle expert, who will join co-host Mark Steines.

What happened to Debbie Matenopoulos on ‘home&family’?

Once she was gone, Debbie Matenopoulos was promoted from being a lifestyle expert on the show to a full-fledged co-host with Steines. Now that Steines, too, has been fired from “Home & Family” with no notice or chance to announce his leave to fans after six years on the show, Ferrare decided to open up about what really happened during her firing.

What happened to Mark Steines on ‘home&family’?

Cristina Ferrare, who hosted Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” from 2012 until she was let go in 2016, recently felt a sense of déjà vu when her former co-host on the series, Mark Steines, was fired at the end of May. Ferrare joined as Steines’ co-host six years ago, after his original partner, Paige Davis, decided to leave.

Is Debbie Matenopoulos replacing Cristina Ferrare on Hallmark’s’Home Improvement’?

Yesterday, Hallmark Channel announced that host Cristina Ferrare would be replaced as co-host by regular contributor Debbie Matenopoulos. The cable channel didn’t specify when the change would take place.