Where is Derby county located?

Where is Derby county located?

Derby, United KingdomDerby County Football Club / Location

Is there a Derby in Australia?

Located on King Sound, Derby has the highest tides in Australia, with the differential between low and high tide reaching 11.8 metres (39 ft)….Derby, Western Australia.

Derby Western Australia
Elevation 8 m (26 ft)
Location 220 km (137 mi) from Broome, Western Australia 903 km (561 mi) from Kununurra

What is Derby WA known for?

Home of Australia’s largest tides, Derby is a friendly and historic outback town perched at the edge of the King Sound near the mouth of the mighty Fitzroy River. It’s known as the western gateway to outback adventure along the Gibb River Road.

Why is Derby called Derby?

The term “derby” possibly originated from the Derby, a horse race in England, founded by the 12th Earl of Derby in 1780. The 19th Earl has since claimed the Derby name was originally only given to one other sporting event: fixtures between St Helens at one end of the family’s Knowsley estate and Wigan at the other.

Is Derby in the north or south?

Cities like Nottingham, Derby and Stoke may or may not be northern, too. PRO: They contain people with vaguely northern accents. CON: According to the official government regions, they’re all in the Midlands. (Nottingham, Derby and Chesterfield are all in the East Midlands; Stoke is in the West Midlands.)

Is Derby cheap to live in?

Derby is one of the most affordable places to live in the country, data suggests. Derby is one of the most affordable places to live in the country, according to property website Zoopla. The city has been named in the top 10 for cheap housing and high wage growth.

What is there to see between Broome and Derby?

Drive for a few hours to discover wilderness retreats, gorges and national parks, station stays and camping. The first gorge turnoff leads you to Windjana Gorge some 145kms from Derby. Keep driving to Tunnel Creek, Lennard gorge, Bell Gorge, Galvans Gorge, Manning Gorge, Manning Falls and Mt Barnett.

Is Derby WA on the coast?

Derby, town and port in West Kimberley shire, northern Western Australia. It lies on the western shore of a peninsula in King Sound, an inlet of the Indian Ocean, near the mouth of the Fitzroy River.

Is the road from Broome to Derby sealed?

The Derby Highway is a sealed road in Western Australia.

Who are the traditional owners of Derby WA?

The Warrwa community is a group of people who share the Karmulinunga Reserve area of Derby. They are the Registered Claimants of the Mowadjalla Gajidgar claim over Point Torment area.