Where is map fragment 6 in the evil within?

Where is map fragment 6 in the evil within?

Fragment 5 – Turn left near the beginning of the level and go up the stairs and into the hut. Kill the bad guy and you will find the fragment inside the hut. Fragment 6 – When you enter the hospital area, after you go to the mirror in the hallway and press the X button, the scenery will turn black and white.

What lockers should I open for the evil within?

The Morgue Lockers become available after Chapter 2. They are accessed from the safe hospital zone, after the nurse shows you them. Each one will contain an item, but can only be opened using one of the special Keys that are found scattered in the environment.

What do evil fragments do?

Evil Fragments is an item which is used to get Nocturnus. It is currently invisible, meaning it has no model made for the item yet.

What does burning bodies do in evil within?

Burning fallen foes may yield upgrade points or recovery items. Plus, fire spreads among enemies and may help you during a fight.

Which is scarier evil within 1 or 2?

So to all who’ve played both… which is scarier 1 or 2 and what kind of scary (action, psychological, body horror)? UPDATE It seems that the majority agree that evil within 1 was harder and scarier and res7 is the most scary of all (don’t even try vr!). Also we want more until dawn (I do lol).

How do I use map fragments?

Map fragments are items that can be used in a map device to open portals to various high level areas. Placing any one of the fragments along with a map into the map device will increase the item quantity of that map.

Where can I find the map fragment in the village?

Where to find it: Inside the main village area you can find a save room inside the rather large house on the right. Inside the save room you can find this map fragment on the floor. Very hard to miss. Where to find it: From the start of the chapter, head to the left. There are some stairs here leading up to a small cabin.

Where can I find the powerful magnum map fragment?

Where to find it: At the start of the chapter you’ll make your way to a room with a jukebox and in the nearby room you can find the powerful magnum! This map fragment is on the wall near the magnum case.

Where can I find the missing person map fragment?

Where to find it: After entering the save hub for the first time (and getting the newspaper / missing person report), head back to your cell and you will find this map fragment chilling out. Where to find it: After entering the save hub for the first time and getting the fragment up above, you’ll have to head to the nurse at the end of the hall.

Where can I find fragment 28?

Enter the room to the left to find the fragment. Fragment 28 – When you exit a rusted looking door and end up outside, it will be raining and you will be in front of the mansion. Turn left and enter the door you see, follow the path and you will find the last fragment.