Where is the bonfire in lost Bastille?

Where is the bonfire in lost Bastille?

The samll passage on the left (behind the scaffolding) has a chest containing an Estus Flask Shard and a Large Titanite Shard. From here, you will see a bonfire through the gap of the wall. This is the bonfire of McDuffin’s Workshop.

How do I get a bonfire ascetic?


  1. One Bonfire Ascetic can be obtained if it is chosen as a starting gift.
  2. One can be found on a corpse in The Lost Bastille.
  3. One can be purchased from Stone Trader Chloanne either in Harvest Valley or Majula for 7,500 souls.

How do I get to the second bonfire in lost Bastille?

McDuff’s Workshop Make your way from the first bonfire and head over to where Lucatiel of Mirrah is located. Leave the tower from the second exit, passing stray dogs and jailers. When you come to a staircase with a barrel at the top, push the barrel to smash up the wall at the bottom. You can now access the bonfire.

How do you get McDuff’s equipment?

Find the Dull Ember, which has been moved to a chest at The Tower Apart bonfire and give it to McDuff. You then need to spend a total of 14,000 souls on upgrading/infusing weapons with him in order to inherit his equipment, he will also give you a Titanite Slab if you talk to him after fulfilling this.

Where is the tower apart bonfire?

If you head all the way back up to the room past the boss, past the gap in the floor then go up the stairs to the right you will see a nest which you can use. An eagle will take you to The Tower Apart bonfire in the Bastille.

How do I open the blacksmith in lost Bastille?

Push the explosive barrel down the stairs to destroy the weakened wall to the left of the door, revealing a bonfire and the rear entrance to McDuff’s smithy. If the barrel does not explode on its own, you can simply nudge it into place and detonate it yourself with a Firebomb.