Where is Tingley made?

Where is Tingley made?

Tingley is made in China. Servus boots have a thin liner that appears to be almost like cotton to make it much easier to put the boot on and take it off… it keeps the rubber from sticking to you. The TINGLEY 31151 is only a rubber lining and will be especially difficult to get off.

What are Tingley boots made of?

PVC compound
Made with a Frigiflex® PVC compound, they contain special additives for high stretch and flexibility in cold temperatures. Not recommended for use in ketones, aldehydes and many solvents. Cleated outsole spits out debris and provides excellent traction.

Where is Tingley Rubber located?

Piscataway, NJ
Company Description: Tingley Rubber Corporation is located in Piscataway, NJ, United States and is part of the Footwear Manufacturing Industry.

What is Tingley?

Tingley is a suburban village in the City of Leeds in West Yorkshire, Northern England, forming part of the parish of West Ardsley. Tingley forms part of the Heavy Woollen District. It is situated between the cities of Leeds and Wakefield.

What nationality is the name Tingley?

English: habitational name, possibly from Tingley in West Yorkshire, named from Old English þing ‘meeting’, ‘assembly’ + hlaw ‘mound’. However, this is a predominantly southern name, associated chiefly with Sussex and Kent, which suggests that a different, unidentified source may be involved.

Is Tingley a good place to live?

Tingley can be good to live in, as it can be bad. It’s just like many other estates in any part of the country. And I know a lot of people whom live there, so if I’m ever unsure or afraid of anything, there will be someone who will help.

Is East Ardsley nice?

East Ardsley is a large village situated between Leeds and Wakefield. It is close to both the M1 and M62 making the village an ideal place to live for families and young professionals, especially those who need to commute to Leeds or Wakefield on a regular basis.

Is Middleton Leeds rough?

Middleton and its surroundings round out the top five areas of the city with the most reports of violent and sexual crimes in April, with 146 reports made.

What is the safest place to live in Leeds?

Guiseley North and West, Collingham, Rigton and Harewood and Primley Park and Wigton Moor made up the rest of the top five safest places in Leeds. The safest place to live in Yorkshire is Leeming, Pickhill and Thornton in Hambleton, North Yorkshire. Just 151 crimes were reported in the area over the last 12 months.

What is the roughest area in Leeds?

Leeds city centre
Leeds city centre is the most dangerous place in Yorkshire and one of the most violent areas in the whole country, according to crime figures. During the year ending January 2022, Leeds city centre suffered more crime than anywhere else in our region.

Why choose Tingley boots?

We believe that hard-working folks deserve to be safe, comfortable and protected in any environment. Mud, rain, chemicals, traffic, wind, darkness – the elements and hazards are no match for the durability, reliability and protection that Tingley boots and apparel provide.

Why choose Tingley?

Tingley is a leading manufacturer of liquid proof protective footwear and clothing. Our quality products, customer service and knowledge are unsurpassed in the industry. Generations have trusted Tingley since 1896.

Why choose a Tingley overshoe?

Tingley offers the broadest selection of overshoes in the industry, from our legendary rubber overshoes, industrial PVC overboots to our steel toe overshoes and ice traction options. Protect your footwear from the elements, chemicals and premature wear.