Which drug would be used in a vaporizer on an anesthetic machine?

Which drug would be used in a vaporizer on an anesthetic machine?

This vaporizer can be used with certain models of anesthesia machines, with halothane, isoflurane, enflurane, sevoflurane, and desflurane.

What is TEC vaporizer?

Temperature compensation. Modern vaporizers are temperature compensated (hence the Tec series). The most commonly used methods are: Bimetallic strips: consisting of two metal strips with different coefficients of thermal expansion.

What is vapor pressure anesthesia?

As anesthetic agent molecules collide with each other in the walls of the vaporizer, a pressure is created, known as the saturated vapor pressure, which is unique for each volatile anesthetic (Table 8-1). Vapor pressure is independent of atmospheric pressure, but dependent on the physical characteristics of the liquid.

How do you calculate anesthesia for Vaping?

In variable bypass vaporizers: SVP agent (mmHg) / Total pressure (mmHg) = Volume of volatile anesthetic / total volume leaving vaporizer = Volatile anesthetic (ml) / (carrier gas (ml) + Volatile anesthetic (ml)).

What type of vaporizer is the Tec 6?

electronic vaporizer
The Tec 6 Plus is an electronic vaporizer that heats Desflurane to maintain constant temperature and vapor pressure for consistent output. Tec 6 Plus incorporates an LED display indicating vaporizer status: no output, low agent, warm-up, operational, and alarm battery low.

Which type of vaporizer is required to deliver a controlled amount of anesthetic to the patient?

Anesthesia vaporizers
Anesthesia vaporizers are used to vaporize a liquid anesthetic agent and deliver a controlled amount to the patient.

How does a Tec 6 vaporizer work?

The Tec 6 vaporizer is an electrically heated, thermostatically controlled, constant temperature, pressurized, electromechanically coupled dual circuit, gas/vapor blender. The pressure in the vapor circuit is electronically regulated to equal the pressure in the fresh gas circuit.

What is the most potent inhaled anesthetic?

Isoflurane has the lowest MAC, requiring the lowest alveolar concentration to abolish motor response, and is the most potent agent of the three mentioned.

Does enflurane cause analgesia?

Analgesia. Enflurane 0.25 to 1.0% provides analgesia for vaginal delivery equal to that produced by 30 to 60% nitrous oxide. These concentrations normally do not produce amnesia.

Why use a precision Vaporiser for anaesthetic?

Since the vaporising chamber is sealed from the atmosphere, a special filler arrangement is required. Precision vaporisers can provide a highly accurate output of anaesthetic which, over a wide range, is independent of time, gas flow rate and temperature.

What is the best vaporizer for halothane?

These vaporisers include the Ohmeda ‘Tec series (Fluotec, Pentec and Isotec/Fortec for halothane, methoxyflurane and isoflurane, respectively), the Dräger Vapor 19 series, Foregger, Penlon and Ohio vaporisers.

What is the difference between a precision vaporiser and simple vaporiser?

The fundamental difference between the precision vaporiser and the simple vaporiser is that the vaporising chamber incorporates a network of internal channels and wicks which ensures that the gas emerging from the chamber is fully saturated with anaesthetic vapour.