Which enzyme is responsible for proofreading replication?

Which enzyme is responsible for proofreading replication?

DNA polymerases

What enzymes are involved in DNA replication quizlet?

Terms in this set (9)DNA Polymerase I. Removes RNA primers and replaces them with the appropriate nucleotides during DNA replication.DNA Polymerase III. carries out all of the continuous strand DNA synthesis.Helicase. Primase. DNA Ligase. Single Strand Binding Proteins. Telomerase. Topoisomerase.

What are the two main enzymes in DNA replication?

Enzymes involved in DNA replication are: Helicase (unwinds the DNA double helix) Gyrase (relieves the buildup of torque during unwinding) Primase (lays down RNA primers)

What enzyme is not involved in DNA replication?

Which enzyme is not involved in DNA replication? Explanation: Lipase is the general name for an enzyme that breaks down lipids. Ligase joins the Okazaki fragments on the lagging strand of the DNA during replication.

What do 2 replication forks form?

Two replication forks moving in opposite directions on a circular chromosome. An active zone of DNA replication moves progressively along a replicating DNA molecule, creating a Y-shaped DNA structure known as a replication fork: the two arms of each Y (more…)

Which of the following enzymes is required for opening an origin of replication?

The origin of replication is recognized by certain proteins that bind to this site. An enzyme called helicase unwinds the DNA by breaking the hydrogen bonds between the nitrogenous base pairs. ATP hydrolysis is required for this process. As the DNA opens up, Y-shaped structures called replication forks are formed.