Which is better for tubing Comal or Guadalupe?

Which is better for tubing Comal or Guadalupe?

The Comal River has fantastic river levels, perfect for tubing, while the Guadalupe River Levels are quite often very low (river levels are measured in “cubic feet per second” or “cfs”), so low that there are spots where you’ll have to pick up your tubes and walk to find deep enough water to continue your float, also …

What is the best river to float in New Braunfels?

Tubing season has arrived in New Braunfels! The Comal and Guadalupe rivers are world-famous for some of the best tubing experiences in Texas.

Is it safe to tube on the Comal River?

Personal tubes are allowed on the Comal River as long as they do not exceed five (5) feet in diameter. Tubers may begin their float at Hinman Island Park or Prince Solms Park at the City Tube Chute. The float will last approximately 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the flow rate and the number of tubers in the water.

Can you drink while floating the Comal River?

Alcohol & Food Items are Legal and are allowed on the Comal River while Tubing as long as they are in “non-disposable containers”.

Did you know there is tubing in New Braunfels?

Didn’t think so. River tubing is one of the most fun things to do in Texas, and the town that takes the crown for tubing in Texas has to be New Braunfels. It has not one but TWO rivers to relax on.

Where to go river rafting in New Braunfels?

Texas Tubes The Comal River is crystal clear and the water is refreshingly cold on a hot summer day! 3. Comal Tubes JC was awesome and super fun!!! Hidden gem in Texas! 4. Gruene River Company 5. Corner Tubes 6. The Float In 8. Lone Star Float House 9. Jerome Isaacs What are the best places for river rafting & tubing in New Braunfels?

Can you bring a cooler on the New Braunfels River?

You can bring one cooler per person on the New Braunfels river float and it needs to have a locking mechanism. That locking mechanism can be as simple as a zip or a Velcro patch – anything that means the contents won’t spill out if the cooler tips over. Bring your music, but it can’t blast sound beyond 50 feet.

How long does it take to float the New Braunfels River?

New Braunfels Tubing. Check in to get a city wristband, gear up, and hop on one of our continuously running shuttles to the river. To Float time is about 2 -3 hours. There are a few tube chutes along the way. ( A tube chute is an area where water is diverted from the river into a winding channel.) Otherwise it’s a pretty calm float. Exit…