Who are the members of Tribe Cool Crew?

Who are the members of Tribe Cool Crew?

The series follows the energetic Haneru and the shy Kanon as they join three others, Kumo, Mizuki, and Yuzuru, to form the street dance troupe Tribe Cool Crew. The series began airing on TV Asahi in Japan from September 28, 2014 and is being simulcast by Crunchyroll.

What happened to Tribe Cool Crew in dance road?

Encouraged by Kumo’s words, Haneru comes to understand that Tribe Cool Crew’s ‘change’ comes from how much they’ve evolved since they formed, deciding they should just perform the way they are now. Both Tribe Cool Crew and Blossom Bullets make it through to the next and final round of Dance Road.

What has Mizuki been up to?

Mizuki has been working herself ragged accepting requests, from working double shifts at a hotel during late nights to instructing an elderly dance team during early mornings, on top of her usual training.

How did Akira Mochizuki and Kumo meet?

While visiting an old dancing ground, Mizuki comes across Akira Mochizuki, a former street dancer and the founding member of Tribal Soul. Mizuki tells the others about how she, an introvert, and Kumo, someone who’d get into fights easily, first met Akira during middle school.

What happens at the end of Tribe Cool Crew?

Encouraged by Tribe Cool Crew’s moves, Jey gets up and dances alongside them, with everyone joining together for one final dance which touches everyone, including Gallagher, who helps to clean up after his mess. The next day, Tribe Cool Crew receive the final Dance Road pin before everyone returns home.

How do the Cool Crew train to dance?

As Cool Crew train to dance in sync to music, Kanon worries that their dancing isn’t ‘cool’ enough for some reason, deciding the first step to improve is to practice isolation (moving only a single part of your body at a time), which Haneru isn’t too familiar with.