Who are the Monarchians?

Who are the Monarchians?

Monarchianism is a Christian theology that emphasizes God as one indivisible being, in direct contrast to Trinitarianism, which defines the Godhead as three coeternal, consubstantial, co-immanent, and equally divine hypostases.

What did Monarchianism teach?

Monarchianism, in Christianity, a Christological position that opposed the doctrine of an independent, personal subsistence of the Logos and affirmed the sole deity of God the Father. Thus, it represented the extreme monotheistic view.

What is Monarchianism?

Monarchianism (from the Greek monarkhia, meaning “ruling of one,” and -ismos, meaning “practice or teaching”) stresses the absolute, uncompromising unity of God in contrast to the doctrine of the Trinity, which is often lambasted as veiled tritheism by nontrinitarian Christians and other monotheists.

What can you do with a degree in theology?

Apart from working in the church, a degree in theology prepares one for other secular jobs. Careers open to those who pursue theology are not limited to theology but include excellent opportunities such as social workers, teachers, counselors, journalists, historians, and writers.

What is modalistic monarchism?

According to modalism, God has variously manifested Himself as the Father (primarily in the Old Testament), as the Son (primarily from Jesus’ conception to His ascension), and as the Holy Spirit (primarily after Jesus’ ascension into heaven). Modalistic Monarchianism has its roots in the false teaching of Noetus of Smyrna around AD 190.

Which schools offer theology and Ministry degrees near Chicago?

University of Northwestern – St. Paul offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in their School of Theology and Ministry. These programs equip students for careers in the church, Christian education, nonprofit organizations, and intercultural ministry.